K-Entertainment presents: Me and Me! #1

K-Entertainment presents: Me and Me! #1

Welcome welcome welcome ONE AND ALL TO THE FIRST EDITION OF KPOP MEMES! Yes these fresh baked memes are made by me, coolguy1234 from the oven that is my mind. Keep in mind that these are just GOOD fun and no way I’m I, the great coolguy1234, trying to flame any particular group of people (ahem ahem ahem) or any part of the entertainment industry. The meme magazine will be periodically updated, if I can get some fresh memes and some scandalous piece of news in time (ooooof). But nevertheless, LET’S GET STARTED! This is coolguy1234 TOP 9 MEMES FOR THIS EDITIONNNN!


RIP the SS. Hachul, you will be miss. Wow, SS. Hachul? That sounds like a sneeze, well then I’M GLAD THAT THE SHIP SINK, STAY AWAY VIRUS! I’m sorry Ms. Hani you fell for the trap that single woman in their 40s find out, the 20 year-olds will always beat you! 😉


Oh my Miss Wendy, it was a noble sacrifice for that PAK. Don’t worry, I hope your voice is not affected, the face…..? Well well let’s just say there was a reason you sing Drama OSTs and not be the first lead DAB DAB DAB! Ok jk jk jk, that was rude of me, SBS really fucked up though I don’t think they ever face any sort of repurcussions. Or they silently paid the voices away, which for the top three biggest channel in Korea is totally possible and highly likely


Mnet= Bernie confirmed? Both are lying to their audience about how much free awesomeness the audience are going to get DAB DAB DAB! Jk jk jk, at least Bernie has a plan unlike Mnet, they just yeet the show altogether.




I can’t believe you are debuting another group! What another PERFECT IDEA FROM YG! Can’t even take care of the first one, WHY NOT SWIPE THE SLATE CLEAN AND START OVER!????


A good show overall, you know it was good when Queendom started up straight savage.


We were all a hapless villain at some point in our lives. IOI fans had their moment in September


I just wished to see some brave soul post actual HOT TAKES and unpopular opinions without doing robotic voice. These days nobody actually do unpopular opinions, and the one that do are actually not unpopular and have a sizable fanbase/other people backing it. DON’T BE SCARE, SAY IT.


Some big groups songs just doesn’t slap bro. Maybe streamers like it so much cause they listen to the song 10 million times and then subscribe to the exposure effect! Sike, if only they actually listen to the song and not have a bot loop it in the background DAB DAB DAB DAB.


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