Better as a...... TEAMMM and I'm BACCKKKKK!

Better as a…… TEAMMM and I’m BACCKKKKK!

Alright feathers, I’m totally sorry guys. Oh shizzles. My apologies. Oh my gosh I literally broke my New Year’s Resolution of trying to post more on the site already. Oh fuckkkkkkkk. Anyways, my apologies for failing to post around like 19 days straight, this is my bad. Really sorry guys…. I was volunteering and fixing up houses for a charity program over break and I just didn’t have the time between that and preparing for a new semester to make updates and post. I would like to thank all those who still stuck with the site, thank you so much. And to all those who left, I am heartbroken but it was kind of deserved on my part.

Anyways some very good news though, so far this has been a one person solo project for me. Remember this site was actually started for “Dramas” recap, I guess I just ended up doing Asian entertainment news as a side hustle. But finally, after ALMOST a year, well 8 months, I have SEDUCED FOLKS TO MY WEBSITE. Now let’s start off with what new things have been added and then…. INTRODUCTIONS

Chinese Drama Recaps page revamp. Name changed to Asian Drama Recaps instead

Formerly this page use to have a ridiculous amount of drama listed, but some, I daresay MOST of the dramas listed did not even have a main page. This was before I realize that recapping actually takes…. quite a bit of time! Therefore the page has now been revamp (shorten) and all of the dramas listed SHOULD have a page. Not only that when you HOVER over the images, COOL STUFF HAPPENS (try hovering off and on if you can’t get it working!). Not only that, there has been a name change because of course….. we do J-Doramas now too! So obviously it doesn’t feel right with “Chinese Drama Recaps” when there’s J-Doramas now.

“Who’s Who” removed. “Miscellanous” added

If you ever came across “Who’s Who”, which you probably haven’t but if you ever did I would feel really bad for you. The reason simply is that this page was so underkept. It was suppose to list big names of C-Ent and give a quick biographies for each of them. The problem was, wisely1300 (the original co-author before this expansion pack of new people) did not do his end of the bargain. Therefore this page is now removed, maybe someday it will make a glorious return but not today it seems like. Instead “Miscellanous” will now take its place. “Miscellanous” will be a place where site news is post, not only that this place will PROBABLY host an ORIGINAL COMIC SERIES pretty soon. NOT ONLY THAT, poems might be dropped here and if I can seduce, a BEATMAKER posting original content all right here! So if you are bored and looking for something original, come back and give this page a visit! The details are still being meshed out but once it has, this section of the site will be UTMOST GLORIOUS. When this site gets big in the future, we should host an Open Thread where we talk about life with the readers! It will all be in this “Miscellanous” section! Certainly a section I’m giddy about!

ABOUT section updated

Since it’s not just me anymore, I have went ahead and added the names of everyone. Their page look HIGHLY UNIMPRESSIVE, cause they have not furnish it yet.



Hailing from that country that Korea and seemingly the rest of East Asia hate, Japan is our very own Miporin! Let’s see here, so she will be doing exclusively J-Doramas recap and possibly giving me any Japanese entertainment news to write once in a while. She is not as good as me the ENGLISH MASTER IN ENGLISH, so let’s give this person a break. The first J-Doramas at bat will be “Testimony of N” or “N no Tame Ni”! The first recap will have to wait a bit (until February 15th), but after that it should be pretty consistent. Head over to Asian Drama Recap and hover over N-no Tame Ni to see if it’s your thing! Click to pull up the main page, that’s where all the recaps will be posted!


I’ve been trying to recruit this girl for so long, and FINALLY SHE COMES! She will be doing CDramas, same as me but of course different series. Cause she loves Netflix and Chill, I think she will exclusively focus on Netflix series. The first CDrama series that is going to be recap shall be The Untamed. The first recap for the first episode will probably be posted TOMORROW or whenever she get the chance but it is done! So prepare for that!

evalex and noagthegreat

These two buddies are also part of the newest addition. When the details get meshed out, they are probably the two person/authors you will see the most in that Miscellanous section. From comics, to poems, to possible anime rants, I’m giving these two almost full rein in that Miscellanous section


Travel blogger that I managed to team up with during my trip. He will be hanging out in the Miscellanous section also, writing about travel blogs! He’s a pretty good writer, so be sure to check him out and his posts!


Won’t be seeing this man much, he just be doing background clean up website stuff. He’s a rabbit, NOT MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.

Well Well Well, I think that’s all! I’ll definitely be more productive starting now! I’ve put too much $$ investment in this site to leave now!

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