Year in Review (2019-2020)

Year in Review (2019-2020)

Wow a “Year In Review”! More like “Decade Check!”. There are somethings I would like to say though. HAPPY NEW YEAR! And another thing…… A BIG THANK YOU!

Seriously guys, thank you for making this site a booming site! To all those who visited us and read some articles, I hope you enjoy the news I write in my own little way to bring some smiles to your faces. I know, grammar isn’t my best suit and y’all probably found some errors sprinkle here and there on many of the articles.

This is my first dedicated project in a while so I am very thankful for the views it has receive. It hasn’t even been the website anniversary and yet, there are around 369 Visitors per day in the month of December. Not only that, our site, our community, has been growing my the hundreds each months.

I would like to formally apologize that there were stretches of days, where I did not write at all. I had a lot of stuff, and still do, to deal with stemming from class and mental health. I promise to be better next year, like YG promises Blackpink comebacks…


Ahem, also if you guys have notice, the Chinese Drama’s “Recaps” page is very barren with only a few dramas actually have episode recaps (but only a few). I foresee, THAT WILL CHANGE so if you are interested in Chinese Dramas, you will be seeing some FIERY RECAPS, like Sportscenter level you feel me? Also swing on by over to KPop briographies, those KPop groups preview will FINALLY FINALLY be written!!! Remember to HOVERRRRRR and get your sound on…. IT PLAYS MUSIC!

And please guys, if you like an article. Leave a comment! LET’S GET THAT COMMENT TRAIN ROLLING.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Here’s to the new year, and the 3rd Decade of the 21st Century!!!!!!!

Oh and also a Travel Blog coming up. Written by some kid. SO look forward to that too

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