Yang Hyun Suk steps down

Yang Hyun Suk steps down

Ah “The myth the legend the boy” CEO Yang Hyun Suk down down down… My guy, you had such a good run. Establishing your agency in 1996 and then ousting DSP Entertainment to form the second triumvirate of South Korea entertainment agencies (SM, JYP, YG). Oh what led up to this moment, O CEO! my CEO! what fearful scandals have you done? Let’s take a review of probably led to this moment….

The One

First there was of course the Burning Sun Scandal, the scandal that got so big that even the West started covering it. In all honesty, the actions that led an investigation into the scandal to break out in the first place is a very common thing in Asian countries. I think investigation first started when Jung Joo Young chats room were explore and found to contain some very very explicit materials being shared with numerous high profile celebrities. These videos either film women body things, or celebrities giving the women big ole cock….. tails so basically drugging them and then giving them the BIG BANG. Not suprising coming from a guy who was part of a band call Drug Restaurant. Apparently, hidden cameras are in abundance in South Korean Society and since the society is patriarchal and mysoginistic a lot of the times, we don’t hear about most filming cases. Sure it’s supposedly “illegal”, the same way my college tells me I’m not suppose to drink but we all know what happen down town friday nights. Also rape/sexual assault are usually swept under the rug, they are not under strict scrutiny as in the West because it’s ahem…… usually viewed as the victim fault. You can read this very nice article that just put everything I just said in fancier language and from credible source here.

For all our Eastern Faults, we are very moral when it comes to prostitution which is big NO, you can’t have sex with a prostitute (here I think prostitution is illegal too). This is why Big Bang Seungri, the Bad (BAT)- Man of this whole operation who ran the Burning Sun club and moderator of group chat, is in such huge trouble. Not because he secretly film/showed up as read to anyone pornish videos (cause he was never caught unlike other group chat members from groups like FT. Island, CNBlue) it’s because he’s is suspected probably of dealing sex workers to foreign investors. Not only that he supposedly “test drive” or in this case when renting a women instead of a car “test sex” the person before “service”. Also we easterners totally love your justice system in dealing with rich famous people, by not dealing with them at all! Seungri is still free ever since the courts struck down the police warrant on grounds that “YO MAN HE IS BIG BANG THAT’S LIKE….. THE BEATLES OF KOREA (HA TAKE THAT BTS FANS)”.

From then on YG stocks begin to drop like crazy early this year. From 40+ K won to like under 30K won around May. Nothing can save it, not Blackpink’s Coachella performance and Youtube video records, not Winner’s “Ah YEAAH”, absolutely nothing could make the stock go back up. Students began protesting against having YG-affiliated groups perform at their schools to people saying they weren’t going to watch or support YG anymore. It’s gotten so bad, the general consensus for YG Entertainment, bad folks and bad vibes although it’s clearly not ALL of the musicians under the agency fault certainly some ahem ahem. Then this happen! (Pause for a moment of my awesome graphics that I made about “the myth, the legend, the boy” CEO Yang)

The Two

CEO Yang gets accused of money laundering, tax evasion, and hiring prostitute for foreing investors at a dinner many many moons ago. Oh so that’s where BAD MAN Seungri LEARNED HIS TRICKS!! This led to even more outrage and calls for CEO/Founder to step down. Nonetheless, he held his ground while lamblasting the stories as bullshizz and when evidence show that he was at THAT many many moons ago dinner with investors and sexual workers, he tells the people IT WAS LEGAL, THE WOMEN THE MEN THEY GAVE IN TO THEIR URGES NATURALLY! We had a mini scandal before the final blow was dealt, ex-Winner now LOSER’s Nam Tae Hyun was exposed for cheating on his girlfriend. The final blow was….

The Kick in the Nuts

DRUGS! Now now, YG Entertainment had a run in with the “marijuana/LSD problem” before ok, TWICE ACTUALLY, and they came out both time relatively unscratch. First it was Park Bom from 2NE1 she was relatively cut quick from the group, and use as a scapegoat when people started blaming her for 2NE1 and ANTAGONISTIC QUEEN CL fall from grace in 2016. Second, it was TOP from….wow these people sure know what makes a BIG BANG in headlines. He was accuse of illegal marijuana possession and sentence to probation. He is serving in the military right now though and is set to get out next month or something. Now in each of these cases the singers themselves took a hit, although Park Bom’s reputation has mostly recover because in her drug incident because she was taken medication/drug that she bought from like the West but it was illegal in South Korea. This time, after getting Lee Hi off of his new collaboration, iKon King’s B.I. announces that he was leaving the group due to using drugs. This is the whole story….

Basically back in 2016 police uncover B.I. chats with a certain person that went by Miss A (AIIEEEEE!!). B.I. ask to know if she was a dealer, in which she says “check out this picture of me and TOP doing weed!”. B.I. went ahead and order some good stuff. In her first account to the police, Miss A said that B.I. and her passed around the joint shortly after. She later change that account to say that “oh no I got the drugs but then god blew them away for he couldn’t allow iKon to disband”. The point here is being people are now suspecting that YG might have had a hand in covering the scandal up in 2016 (obviously YES???) and paying a little bit of mooch left and right for that change in statement (uhh duhhh everyone does that??). Not only that, CEO Yang has been blasted by iKonics (iKon fan girls I mean fan base) for throwing B.I. under the bus so quickly and terminating his contract. Also iKonics are quick to point out that Miss A latest statement says that B.I. only THOUGHT about doing drugs and never actually got the drug to do it. A petition to reverse this decision has been sign by 50K people, astounding that’s more people than the amount that would actually come out for any of iKon’s concert! This combine with the compounding scandals after scandals led to “The myth, the legend, the boy” to step down along with his brother from all roles that they have held in YG Entertainment. They are still the biggest stockholders so they are still going to earn good money, that is if YG doesn’t suddenly implode during this transistion period. For all CEO Yang Hyun Suk bad traits, at least he is FINALLY FINALLY accepting some responsibilities and punishing himself in SOME form, I mean you don’t see SM’s CEO/Founder “President of Culture” Lee Soo Man doing it anytime soon although he is caught up in money laundering right now.

If you are reading this and ask what the big deal is for weed and the likes, I really can’t tell you. Us easterners just hate drugs, we don’t hate coffee though that’s an exception. Just like how marijuana was demonized back in 1900s (the word marijuana is suppose to invoke an EVIL omnious tone) and just recently been accepted, the east just haven’t start the process yet. You can take dabs at any college in America (except the Religious ones), but in Asia, you can only do the teenager-cringey kind.


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