Kara and the Kamilia


Concept: Fun Party/Cute
Debut: March 29th, 2007
Debut Song(s): Break it
Status: Disbanded (2016)
Agency: DSP Entertainment (the PREVIOUS big 3)
Fandom Name: Kamilia



Prime Lineup

1. Gyuri (Park Gyu Ri) 박규리

Role: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Pursuing Solo Career


2. Hara (Goo Ha Ra) 구하라

Role: Visual, Main Dancer, VIP

Uh….Just ded ded……


3. Seungyeon (Han Seung Yeon) 한승연

Role: Main Vocalist

Pursuing Solo Career


4. Nicole (Jung Yong Joo) 정용주

Role: Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Left in 2014 for Solo Career


5. Jiyoung (Kang Ji Young) 강지영

Role: True Young Member, Vocalist

Left to become a Japanese Actress in 2014


The 6th Man I mean Woman

6. Youngji (Heo Young Ji) 허영지

Role: Lead Dancer, Second Young Member, Vocalist

Joined 2014. Pursuing Solo Career



7. Sunghee (Kim Sung Hee) 김성희

Role: Main Vocalist

Left in 2008 due to Parents



Main Tracks

– Step:

– Mister:
– Lupin:
– Pandora:
– Damaged Lady:

Side Tracks

– Date my Boy:

– Starlight: