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China Horticultural International Fair Starts

In a country fill with Air Pollution and literally a chemical fire disaster last year, you wouldn’t expect China to be leading in eco-friendly policies. But they are as data have shown that ever since the Paris Climate Agreement they have contributed the most to reducing carbon dioxide reduction in … Read More “China Horticultural International Fair Starts”

China to adapt the classic KDrama “Full House”

China has recently announce that they planned to adapt a KDrama of the old that shot Song Hye Kyo and RAIN to fame. Dylan Wang from “Meteor Garden” (the Boys over Flower 2018 adaptation) and idol/singer Yang Chaoyue from Rocket Girls 101 has been tapped for the main leads. Full … Read More “China to adapt the classic KDrama “Full House””

BTS wins again……

During the Inkigayo Music awards that literally just happen yesterday, BTS’ Boy With Luv won again in first place with a perfect 11000. The second place team didn’t get squash like Super Junior D&E did during the Music Bank at least. Blackpink “Kill this Love” took second place with a … Read More “BTS wins again……”

KCON 2019 in NYC lineup Announce with Hefty Ticket Prices

Well it will be a relatively SMALL affair this year at KCon 2019, taking place in NYC. For those who don’t know KCon is an event hosted by CJ E&M (a South Korean company) branch in America. They had feature top artists in the past years and now settling for … Read More “KCON 2019 in NYC lineup Announce with Hefty Ticket Prices”

Fan Bingbing finally comes out of her hiding spot

Arguable THE C-actress in the past decade Fan Bingbing finally show her face at a IQiyi event ever since she basically disappear off the face of the earth in 2017. Somehow she still had enough power to literally be top of China Celebrity List and she was literally the most … Read More “Fan Bingbing finally comes out of her hiding spot”

Seungri Partner in crime admits to some Porn-ish activities

Police recently call in Seungri and his Robin Yoo In Suk to have a Q&A session about their little scandal. After a couple hours of very intense questioning (ahem I am THINKING how this would have play out like what happen in CSI), and door slamming and threats and name … Read More “Seungri Partner in crime admits to some Porn-ish activities”

First Annual “Fact Music Awards”

Well although the award show is relatively new, the “awards” themselves are not. The awards ceremony use to be an online thing hosted by FANNSTAR (all of the awards are decided by the fans) but this time they decided to make it a physical show and a lot of popular … Read More “First Annual “Fact Music Awards””

Hong Kong Tourist Crisis

More Tourist= Good= BAD??

Hong Kong is one of China more democratic cities, being a part of the UK until like late 1900s (I don’t know the exact date) and China welcome the city with open arms saying something like 2 system, 1 nation (China allows Hong Kong to be … Read More “Hong Kong Tourist Crisis”

Park Yoo Chun scandal gaining Noteriety

Little known scandal here in the West because honestly it does not fit in the big theme. See the Burning Scandal was kind of cover here because we have a #meToo era right now, but this drug scandal? Like singers here do drugs all the time, heck COLLEGE student do … Read More “Park Yoo Chun scandal gaining Noteriety”

Blackpink gaining some street cred after Coachella while Perfume…not so much

At least one band in from Asia is quickly gaining popularity again.

By now a lot of people who follow Coachella must know about Blackpink, the KPop idol group that perform 4/19 (AWWW NO 4/20!) and 4/12 with their first performance receiving comprehensive coverage from various entertainment newspapers in the … Read More “Blackpink gaining some street cred after Coachella while Perfume…not so much”