Johnny Kitagawa dies to many people tears???

Johnny Kitagawa dies to many people tears???

The founder of “Johnny & Associates” has passed away and went to probably hell or heaven (I don’t know where Michael Jackson went) around six days ago. A lot of people are in grief for Johnny Kitagawa was a dominant figure in the JPop industry. He founded his company in 1962, and went on to create many successful boy acts, actually just dominanting the market for boy idol bands in Japan for like 40 years. “Johnny and Associates” still stand as Japan’s top talent agency. What a legend, what a man…

What a pedophile!

Apparently Johnny Kitagawa has been known to stick it to young boys. He was so powerful in fact, he was able to shut down this whole debacle back in the early 2000s. No newspaper would dare publish on the story and no TV station would dare cover it because if they did, apparently if you did then “……then all the popular stars will be withdrawn from your programs, your variety shows will not get any interviews with celebrities, and your ratings will plummet”. Such power in the hand of one man, DAMN IMAGINE ALL THE CRIMES HE COULD GET OFF. Man why stop at pedophile, heck go down to New York and shoot someone! Or maybe grab someone by the pussy!!

Apparently a lot of teenage boys that Johnny groom to stardom paid their ways using their bodies. Or as the Asian Entertainment industry and every entertainmnet industry calls it “the small hidden price that nobody talks about!”. That hasn’t stop Japanese from displaying their grief. TV Hosts break down crying, even the government acknowledge Mr. Johnny calling him sorts of like “President of Culture”. Many of his griefers were his big successful boy acts including Shonentai whose member Noriyuki said “He’s like a father to us. He was the #1 person in the entertainment world. We will inherit his spirit and act brightly and happily.” Somebody please get those kids away from Mr. Noriyuki so he can inherited the Johnny spirit. Dang, apparently Johnny must be a master of sex because KAT-TUN (another band under Johnny and Associates. You can see how this guy is like a big walking monopoly on boy bands) Jin Akanishi just wrote a love ballad to his beloved former boss.

Dude like what the fuck, this read EXACTLY like a sexual encounter. “Love at first sight”, “introduce myself as a lover”, “in the middle of the night such a feeling I couldn’t deny”. Now of course maybe they just engage in some “mind fuckery” or maybe it was something much more. What I do know is I don’t know if I can flag Johnny as a monster like most international fans who follow JPop, I mean if the kids consent who am I to say? “OOOOH BUT AGE OF CONSENT IS 18” well guys, OBVIOUSLY Jin Akanishi consented even NOW when he’s passed 18.

Sir Kitagawa serve as a loving reminder that there’s two ways to you can “get away with crimes”. One is the “push other down low way” which mean never get caught. The other is the “rise yourself up high way” meaning get very very famous. HAHAHAHA Ms. SHONDA RHIMES TAKE THAT FOR A CRASH COURSE OF YOUR WHOLE LESSON ON “HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER”. I DID IT, I TAUGHT WHAT YOU STILL HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO TAUGHT FOR LIKE 6 SEASONS NOW.


CJ E&M Fails to Pay 25% Trump Tariff

Well well well, looks like EVERGLOW WON’T BE ATTENDING KCon LA at all after CJ E&M (big ass conglomerate) failed to secure a visa. Looks like Trump Tariff on Chinese Goods made a big impact on EVERGLOW and its one Chinese member. Taking EVERGLOW place though will be one of the most prominent contestant on the this website show “Who’s the next Big Group?” ITZY. They debuted this year in February to an astounding 9 show wins in their song “Dalla Dalla”. Speaking of ITZY, they are coming back with a title song call “ICE”, from the teaser photos it looks to be a GIRL CRUSH SONG AGAIN, wowza!

In other news if you are looking for tickets to KCon LA they are here. They go on sale tomorrow, and surprise the KCon LA will take place in August 17th. The schedule of performance is already release if you care to check it out here it is….

HINT HINT HINT, the Sunday one has bigger names performing (Mamamoo, Chungha) while the Saturday one is relatively nugu-ish (Izone).

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“Mulan” trades in the dragon/theme for epic fight scenes?

Part of Disney ongoing project of modernizing their animated classics, comes Mulan otherwise known as the one-of-the-trio-of-princess-to-prove-disney-is-not-racist (we are not counting Moana here, she’s too new). This is slated to be release sometime in March 2020, right after the Lion King which is set to premier in theaters next weekend. We did however, got a treat last Sunday with the first trailer for this movie dropping. It scored an impressive 174 million views in the first 24 hours with 52 million of it coming from…. guess which country. This 24 hours view numbers beat out every other adaptation except for Lion King.

I got to say, for me this is Disney most ambitious project yet. To stay aunthetic, Disney is has studied up on modern chinese films and have added all the tropes into this movie from: “actress who can’t really act” (sorry Liu Yifei, you weren’t really spectacular even in the old days), “HONOR YOUR FAMILY”, or “auspicious” a let’s be honest purely chinese word. I couldn’t find any white people in the whole trailer but I did see some whiteface!

I do like that touch though, espcially the casting for the main female lead in Liu Yifei. The fact that Disney actually casted an “Asian-born Asian actress” and not some popular asians (but american born) like Randall Park or Constance Wu is a nice touch. Now for those of you who don’t know Liu Yifei, she was like one of the top dog actress in China back in like 2000s-2005s. Her fame is down a whole bunch now because she decided to disappear from the acting industry for a decade to pursue a music career, signing with Sony Music Entertainment and releasing a few singles. Also what I really like about this trailer is the dual nature of feminity. The voiceover woman (I think it’s Gong Li I’m not sure) is describing typical “good female”/”good wife” soft features like graceful, compose, and discpline. Yet Mulan is using those same features to chop up some Huns, it’s an interesting flip.

Now the biggest problem I am scared off is I don’t know if Liu Yifei can last an entire drama speaking english. From the very few lines of the trailer I can see she is kind of struggling a bit in english, and even then some words are not really clear. At least the people around her seem to have a good handle on speaking english. Also I am deathly afraid of this film being PC from the various fighting scenes that was on display. I would like to take a moment to address Vox interpretation of the theme, NO IT WASN’T THAT WOMEN WERE FORCED TO BE HOMEMAKERS AND THAT MULAN WAS BREAKING WITH THE TRADITION. Let me phrase it more clearly, in traditional Asia the only way for a girl to be fillial to her parents is to marry into a good family and be a good wife to her husband. In fact one of the pillars of “fillial piety”/being respectful towards your parents in confucianism is in fact to make descendants. This holds for boys too but boys have other ways of achieving “fillial piety” like bringing how “Top Scholar” award or being a high government official and bringing home money for the family. Girls on the other hand, had only one method and one method only to fulfill their responsibilities, make kids. The main moral message from Mulan is her filial piety (being a good child to her parents) the home-maker thing just happen to follow along with that theme.

The legend shows this moral message by doing it through a badass heroine, who fulfill her duties by fighting for her homeland and being an outstanding soldier. I can understand why westerners and Vox say that the theme is “girls can do it too” but no… the main theme has always been filial piety. What I saw from the trailer is too much fighting, oh look it’s Mulan leading an army, oh look Mulan fighting a bunch of men. Congratulations, this is not suppose to be a film about women being equal to or better than men it’s literally just a long winded way to tell a story how children should be good to their parents who have sacrifice so much for them. I get that this adaptation is based on the animated movie which is by Disney and Disney can technically do whatever they want. Or maybe, the mistranslation of Eastern and Western scope will be evident in the film. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE you ALREADY TOOK AWAY THE LITTLE BLUE DRAGON, DON’T PUT IN THE WRONG THEME OF THE TALE AS WELL.

Espcially a tale that basically influence ahem ALL (not joking) C-dramas up to date. Here is REAL LIFE TRANSCRIPT of popular CDrama directors getting inspiration when watching Mulan animated movie.

CDrama Director: Man how stupid can these men be, how can you NOT NOTICE that Mulan is a woman. I mean just because she tie her hair up doesn’t make her a man
Friend: OKK
CDrama Director: I mean women have so many distinct features like their chest that’s way bigger than men
Friend: OKKK
CDrama Director: But wait we are talking about Asian Women….
Friend: OKKK?
CDrama Director: But like their face, it’s usually softer features you know
Friend: OKKKK?
CDrama Director: But BTS…….
Friend: OKKKKK
CDrama Director: So asian women are just different from men because they usually have longer hair
Friend: OKKK?
Cdrama Director: So if they were to tie their hair up…
CDrama Director: Then they would look exactly like men…..

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[Review] EXO’s Baekhyun goes for more soft vibes in his solo

Man EXO seems to be kicked to the curb these days by SM Entertainment as they are 1) Preparing for the Military, or 2) Shove because of NCT 127. EXO members, a band that debuted very early in Gen 3, seem to be heading for solo careers these days as either, it seem like only ONE OF THEM is unique as King Suho seem to be wanting a diplomatic position instead. Anyways following DO and Lay release, Baekhyun follows it up with his “United Nations Village”

Suprisingly, SHOCKING. I expected it to be some powerful electric stuff with dances in black clothing flank by an audience of MEN. ONly the dancing in black was true as Baekhyun goes for a more soft tone than recently male artist releases (like TVXQ High Lord U Know, or even his band mate LAY pure hip hop). Apparently UN Village is a district/landmark/city/street in Seoul, South Korea and I guess there’s a really pretty hill (which he does sing about) that Baekhyun just want to take us for some HOT TIME except if you are Queen Taeyeon then no thank you. It’s classic R&B and even the music video seems very…. classy. Something coming out of 1980s. This solo certainly stands out because its not overly cute like Yesung’s “Pink Magic”, nor is it overpowering like TVXQ High Lord’s “Follow”. Heck this song is even softer than most of EXO releases like “Wolf” or “Growl”. I like it though, it has a throwback vibe all the way through. It seems like Baekhyun wants to take things slowly. It’s a dance song I think, but a slow dance one unlike most male artist release which is too bumpy and electricky to slow dance to.

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[Review] Heize supports Necrophilia in her lastest release

First of all I would like to say that the title “Produce by SUGA from BTS” gave her a lot of views. I know Heize might have earn that by herself, but no offense that’s highly unlikely to score 3 million youtube views in 3 days espcially when more well known solo acts like BoA’s Feedback or or even Ailee’s Room Shaker didn’t reach that mark in 3 days. Heize never struck me as that big although she has what looks like a few hit songs.

Either I am missing something about Heize or SUGA is hard carrying (he co wrote it anyways). I mean to be fair to the artist “We don’t talk together” is pretty decent talking about Keith Urban and Michael Harvard (or my Youtube automatic caption is just literally mess up) and its music video is very very unique. It’s literally her dancing and making out with a skeleton, I guess it isn’t a CRIME WHEN YOU ARE “FAMOUS”. First how can you even hang out with a skeleton and literally almost kiss the thing, I have a innate fear against skeleton, I refuse to step into any bio lab or even anatomy lab that has a skeleton, that means I refuse to step into any bio lab and anatomy lab. I despise skeleton, they look creepy and its NOT FAIR THAT A DOCTOR HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME WITH THEM. The only song I have ever listen to Heize is a duet between her and JYP in “Regrets”. That itself was a slow moving ballad type song, so I wasn’t too surprise to find out that Heize I guess like this concept. The song is EDM, but its soft and pleasant sounding. Although its generic in that typical EDM sound, it works. It was suprising to see Heize singing though, she was an underground rapper before debuting so I was half expecting her to drop some purely electric beat like Ailee. The message is deep-ish, it’s apparently NOT ABOUT KEITH URBAN, it’s about not letting go of the past. Heize acts as a woman who’s obsessing and trap in her past memory with a lover (either an EX lover or an EX-Life lover) who’s shown by a skeleton except for when the rap part drop the lover face is revealed. No it’s not Suga even though he is a rapper among BTS crew.

Props to Suga production, the music video fits with the lyrics. It flows well, and the scene from the house espcially looks “homely” as “homely” gets when you canooling with a skeleton. It’s not crazy, allowing Heize to shine through not too much noise. Maybe Suga future solo career should just be producing, I mean in on Heize songs literally the top 5 comment, 2 of them mention Suga like guys come on.

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Big Hit trying to milk dry its cash cow

“JYP Minion” CEO Bang is seriously really trying to milk all he can out of his current cash cow BTS because as it looks so far its the only cash cow he has (TXT is still a big question mark and so is that upcoming Girl Group). He is trying to establish a music streaming service that subscrippers can buy into for not only streaming music but also BTS exclusive never seen anywhere else content.

I mean I don’t blame the guy, it’s hard enough for small companies to pump out big groups these days, and the small companies that looks like they found gold, toss it to the back burner in Pledis and TS Entertainment-esque style. Big Hit have seen BIG REVENUES ever since BTS took off with an extra boost this year (although they were always “there” in the western market). They went from….


That’s a big upgrade, and a fast one too thanks to BTS making western BANK which when convert to Wons, means a LIFE TIME OF Ws. BTS is reportedly making over $57 million USD in the past year from the just ended “Love Yourself: North American Tour” to the successful selling of “Map of the Soul: Persona” with over 3 million physical units sold (that’s LITERALLY higher than any girl group in physical sales, the list that is led by TWICE) which makes it the best selling album of this year so far. That’s around 67 Billion Korean Wons in Revenue minus let’s say cost and fees for everything and a cut to Big Hit which gives maybe 50 Billion in profits. Split 7 ways that gives around 7 billion per member. A big ass mansion in Korea only cost somewhere in the hundred million wons. BTS’s North American concerts have been typical stadium packer with 40K-60K in the stadium (which is high for even American acts). Not as much as Ariana Grande getting in like 100K-130K but given that they are a Korean act, that’s highly impressive record. Not only that, the BTS wave have encourage others to embark on the Middle Passage and have encourage American record labels to sign Korean acts like RV, Blackpink, and Monsta X.

Now you might have heard of even games springing up including Super Star BTS (a rhytm game) by Dalcom (I recommend either SM or JYP version though) and BTS World by Netmarble. Those games have massive download numbers too on the app store at least, I don’t know how many youth use apple OR WHY DO YOU GUYS EVEN HAVE A PHONE??? Anyways in the latest move CEO Bang and its biggest investor Netmarble is teaming up to make what looks like a music streaming service that is not unlike Tidal. Now if you guys don’t know Tidal, it was a streaming music platform that’s own by actual musicians like Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihana, Alicia Keys etc. Tidal selling point is that not only do you get to listen to the artist music, but the owners (which are all big names in music industry) will release EXCLUSIVE stuff for only Tidal subscribbers. Beyonce release a never heard wedding song for Tidal once, and “Life of Pablo” album by Kayne West was supposedly (at first at least) was only suppose to be for Tidal and nowhere else can stream or have it. So basically in this move, Big Hit and Netmarble is looking to establish I guess a music streaming service that offers BTS exclusive content also? Many is seeing this as an over the top risky move that shouldn’t be made, because let’s be honest how many people/current ARMIES actually like BTS songs? Good Job, y’all probably were fans before the big wave! I know many who likes BTS because of their looks and not their songs. It’s a move to cut out the streaming service like Gaon to bring direct profits to Big Hit. It seems like it’s going to be a bust though because let’s be honest, not a lot of people use Tidal and it’s literally owned and back by BIG ASS names, like 15 BIG ASS NAMES. I guess give a man the smell of money and he’ll keep asking for more, this move might just blow up in Big Hit face…..

(Source: Asian Junkie)

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IOI is coming back!

This just in, of all the doubters from last we check in with the “IOI situation” it has been confirmed. Recently Chungha said “death to my solo career, OH YEAH IOI ALL THE WAY FOR THE WIN”. She has also confirmed that Yeounjung from Cosmic Girls cannot participate because she’s in space and Somi because everyday is her birthday and she is getting fat off too much cake.

Before I go into deep flaming Somi how she couldn’t make time for the IOI comeback, I just wanted to give acknowledgements to my critics and apologize for my shortcomings. You see I posted this comment on IOI KPop Profile pretty recently….

You know what you guys are right. Somi is busy I get it, she just debuted she hella busy. I guess not everybody can be like Chungha who just recently released “Snapping” and is also doing all these music shows performances and also is going to LA to perform at KCon. Or like I don’t know Kyulkyun who’s doing stuff in mainland China. Bottom line is EVERYBODY IS BUSY, maybe with the exception of Nayoung. That’s why disbandment LAST and reunions are rare! You know what some of these comments are really showing me the light, like Black Label (a YG Subsidary company) might not have allow her too. I mean there’s too much harm! Everybody is sike out for IOI comeback, like a lot of people who are into Kpop are talking about it. It will only get good press but YG can’t have that, they can only have the bad ones! Also Black Label surprisingly have allow Somi a lot of freedom, I mean she manages her own Twitter and Instagram AND penned some of the lyrics in her song which is UNHEARD OF for a “debutting solo” artist. Heck for the B-Side, Somi wrote the lyrics AND the music score, which is I got to say impressive. Check out big name of the era, BoA and IU see their debut song and comeback to me if they actually WROTE IT. Black Label already allow her so much freedom, I think it was Somi choice to attend or not attend. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling you don’t know that either.

Also your comment made me realize that I have to do a stalking Somi’s instagram and twitter. Which I DID, scrolling through NOT ONE POST about IOI stuff. Of course I don’t have access to her stories so I guess SHE MIGHT BE TALKING about IOI in her short instagram story that disappear after like a day. She posted four days ago, that means she’s pretty active. Not even in her description did she say “IOI Hwaiting”. Nothing on Twitter also, it was just posting about her song Birthday. I also in fact stalk Yeonjung instagram (I think that’s Yeonjung), it was just pictures of her but her last post was June 6th. Now I just want to make it clear that I am flaming Yeonjung for not coming to this comeback also but I feel like Somi has more of duty to be back with IOI. She was #1 in that producer season that created IOI, number 1. As number 1 she has a duty to be there if she can, and squeeze it in if she must. Of course she might be super busy, Somi might have tried to find space but failed. But come on even number 4 Chungha-who I bet 10x more busier (cause she’s a more establish soloist)-manages to squeeze in an album with IOI.

Ahem enough with that, you know what IOI disbanded 2 years ago. Let’s check ask the members how they feel about this upcoming reunion

Nayoung (Leader)- OMG I’m so excited to get off these unemployment benefits
Chaeyeon (Vocalist, Visual)- What can I say Jenny and me was a package deal. FUCK AIDS, LET’S DO THIS
Kyulkyung (Visual, Lead Dancer)- Wo tinge shou “IOI hui le”. Wo tai gao xing. Ming tian, wo qu mai piao! (Pardon my poor chinese)
So Hye (Vocalist, Rapper)-
Mina- Well I was free and decided to get back the feeling of standing before a crowd and making $$$
Doyeon- OH YES I ALSO AHEM CALLED IT WITH YOO JUNG BACK IN MAY. We a package deal yah know?
Mina- Hey….

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Big Bang almost back in full force

Well Well Well, if it isn’t Big Bang, a big group with members like Seungri going out in a BIG WAY. It’s just reveal today that Big Bang TOP has been officially discharged from public. That didn’t really protect him from being charged by netizens at full force, calling him a bastard and all of that “cool stuff”. The reason for their anger is highlighted fully by the BI Drug Scandal, in fact the Miss A of that scandal was caught taking drugs with TOP.

TOP was in military service when he was caught, and he went through basically a lot and was finally sentence to 2 years of probation. The punishment was exactly the same as Park Yoo Chun punishment so I guess at least the legal system is fair-ish. Now to me and many of my fellow americans, I don’t think TOP did anything wrong because like I have said before this country can get mad high at college campuses on Weed. That’s all TOP did but Asian Country+Drugs do not mix, I think people found that out the hard way in Philippines. Also to be honest Big Bang and YG has got a lot of shiz lately, not saying they didn’t deserve it but you know everyone should chill a little. Heck TOP knows the netizens is not on his side with all that is happening with YG and his past drug scandal, he kept this affair very low key unlike Kim Soo Hyun (a very popular kdrama actor) just a few days ago.

MBK entertainment announce that Jennie


I mean Jenny from DIA has been CURED FROM AID YAY!!!

Ahem more like she’s given the boot due to a leg injury. The nugu group DIA has decided to let her go back into the wild. Jenny is suffering from a cartilage injury and she has not attend much of the group’s promotions in the past month (what DIA promote what….). She’s still with MBK though, and it is unclear if this departure is permanent or if she’s going to come back after she is all healed.

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KCon NY unexpectedly suffers under Trump’s Tariffs

Well Well Well Well, I must say a TERRIFIC VICTORY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. He sticks by his guns, just days after EXO’s King Suho declared at the Blue House (basically South Korea adaptation of US White House) Summit- where we saw that terrific border crossing that made Trump an illegal immigrant– that president Trump daughter loves EXO and “all kpop groups” this happen.

US Daddy President Trump: “OMG OMG, there’s a KCON IN NEW YORK THIS WEEKEND. I think I got to see those PRETTY LADIES and maybel score a HOLE IN ONE if you catch my jizz and mean gist!”
Advisors: That’s disgusting sir
US Daddy President Trump: I don’t think so, this is what SOUTH KOREAN MEN TOLD ME I SHOULD DO WHEN VIEWING GIRL GROUPS.
Advisors: You’re not wrong……. Anyways sir will you be interested in a list of performers at the event
US Daddy President Trump: Of Course, the list…..
Advisors: The male groups Ateez, Seventeen, The Boyz, SF9, Nu’Est, TXT, Verivery, AB6IX
Advisors: The female groups are Izone, G-IDLE, Fromis_9, and EVERGLOW
US Daddy President Trump: And they are all Koreans?
Advisors: Why yes sir, Izone has a couple of Japanese member. EVERGLOW has one Chinese Member
US Daddy President Trump: Uh oh…..
Advisors: Yes?
US Daddy President Trump: We have a trade war going RIGHT NOW. Any GOODS COMING FROM CHINA IS A 25% TARIFF
Advisors: Sir…… She’s a woman not a piece of good/thing. That’s very sexist of you!
Advisors: 25% TARIFF on her passport IT IS!

AHEM AHEM, that’s right. Sadly KCON New York is the latest victim in this trade war between the US and China. EVERGLOW– a relatively new girl group- has announced that they can’t make it due to last minute visa issues. That means the Super Rookie Showcase (showcasing new groups) will just be attended by Verivery. There are plans though to have EVERGLOW perform at KCON LA instead. Now of course as of this post, there’s only one day left in KCon New York, so if you are in the Garden and want to check out a $76 dollar concert here’s the ticket link.

I strongly advise you though to save your money and attend the LA one instead if you are a KPop fan. Since LA is where all the “bigger” names will be performing. Including Mamamoo, “soon to be nonexistent solo career” Chungha, Momoland, Stray Kidz, and ONEUS. If that’s not enough, most boy groups from KCon NY is actually sign up to perform at LA. The tickets are not out yet but the concert is set to premiere on July 12th weekend.

Well that’s all the news on KCon….. wait what? Momoland noonas want to make a statement?

“Yes please. Ok you people who attend the Los Angeles concert. Ok espcially you men, we don’t mind if you jack off at home ok, most people only listen to us to do that anyways we understand. Jack off in the private of your own home please. Thank you very much”

Ah thank you noonas for that kind message!

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[Review] Ailee shows she can be the life of the party with “Room Shaker”


Ailee, or Amy Lee in her American name because she was born in the mountainous state that is Colorado, is a second generation Kpop idol. Unlike others who usually are put into a group before they pursue solo singing, she debuted AS a soloist. While nowhere near the level of IU (BTS’s Jung Kook huge crush) or BoA, she has made a name for herself as well. Now I know her as the OST lady, she’s a very popular pick to sing Korean Drama soundtracks. She has sung in popular dramas such as “Secret Love”, “Fated to Love You” and “Goblin”. All of those songs if you do wish to check it out are Tears Stole the Heart, Goodbye My Love, and I Will go to you like the first snow.

Those songs have created the image in my mind as Ailee being a soft singer. Even her most successful single release like “Heaven” (confession the only one of her singles I have listen too) has that lullabic soft tune to it. A ballad, yeah that right, Ailee seem to be a ballad singer more than “powerful pop”. Like if she was in a modern group, I would think she’s a member of GFriend pre-Fever. Until now, wow every body trying to shatter their image in music…..

I must say totally unexpected. Now I don’t like the song, I think “Room Shaker” is just not my vibe although I would see myself listen to it at a party dancing wildly. The song just comes off at too electric for me, with too much colors and distraction, kind of like Somi’s Birthday. Also another thing I have against this song is its failure to utilize Ailee strong vocals, and the best moment of the song for me is actually when Ailee actually sings before the first “Room Shaker”. Elsewhere when she raps (rap line can be found multiple times throughout the song), I just feel that was just I don’t know kind of wrong. Although I’ll give it that she’s a better rapper than I thought- goes to show Ailee pleothra of skills- it’s not that good. It’s probably better than the average “Idol Rappers” but maybe I’m too influence by Western rappers to frame Ailee in a eastern frame when it comes to rapping. Maybe if the song spend less time making Ailee sing “Room Shaker” and utlize her high notes more, the experience would have been better.

It’s not THAT bad of a song, espcially to me who thought that she can only sing in Ballads and soft tune songs. “Room Shaker” is a powerful counter example to that image. Although it’s not done quite correctly as I would like it, but hey Ailee can rock an electric “girl crush” esque song and that itself is impressive.

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