Red Velvet takes off their new Comeback at Music Bank

Red Velvet takes off their new Comeback at Music Bank

1)Red Velvet

….(a couple days late here) HAVE officially released their comeback ahead of GFriend “Global Warming Season”. It’s a complicated name “Zimzalabim” which is Korean for “this is not a korean title”.

A quick search of the word “Zimzalabim” on urban dictionary yield two results, first is a definition second was a freaking Reveluv groaning on and on about the song. The first definition define “Zimzalabim” as a magician word you say at the end of a magic trick. It was popular with the Dante The Magician, a Danish Magician back in the 1880’s who was one of the original show magicians to make magic shows really popular. OR it could be a reference to Johnny Quest, a kid show back in the 1960s where there was this indian best friend who cast spells by saying “Sim Sim La Bim”. I don’t know why they didn’t just called the song “Abracadabra” then which is the much more popular magician word, but then again I bet that’s already a song name…. Like a magic show, I was left wondering “what the feathers just happen???” but not in a good way. I expected from a top girl group in the present Gen to come up with something good. Maybe I won’t like it, but at least the music have to have “a theme” and the dances right? I didn’t get any of that from “Zimzalabim”.

“Zimzalabim” main failure I think is a song that tries to do too much. From the dancing, to the music, to the videos (which OK Korean music video are usually over the top). I want to start with the dancing first, I don’t know I just felt like there was no unifying theme? It felt Bollywood at times with the hands clasp together dances and the dresses, but it wasn’t a Bollywood song….. I see, so the song must be THE JOHNNY QUEST REFERENCE, but for what?? What point did that serve other than what it seem like “an easter egg for people”?? Also the dances were sometimes “sexy” (dark theme, stomach showing) and “cute” (bright BALLOOONSSS, carnivals), and if I have learn ANYTHING from TWICE’s “Fancy” and their latest Japanese comeback, some style of dances are not able to mix well like Sexy and Cute. The music itself was convulated, the transition sounded off and the notes sounded basic. I like the beat drop just right before “Zimzalabim” but that was about it.

Some salvage-ble moments, I do like THE MESSAGE behind the song it seem like a departure away from Red Velvet usually weird style of doing things. I think the gist of it was reach for your dreams and sometimes let a little “magic”/impossibility control you. It’s a nice message, espcially for us men who are tired of being killed by this group on multiple occassions in their songs (we have been dicks to women in real life though espcially in Korea). Of course the bad music haven’t kept Reveluv from expressing how much the song is a BOP for them. Red Velvet officially came back at Music Bank today and you know who won the show? FUC BTS with “Boy With Luv” a song that’s was literally release MONTHS ago won it’s 23rd time…..

Apparently this song is drawing comparison with labelmates, SNSD/Girl Generation’s “I got a Boy” which divided critics and fans (with most critics liking it but not fans. This time it’s the reverse). This is the first album in a “triology” that Red Velvet is doing. Like the Divergent Movies, it looks like I’m out after the first part. To answer Wendy question, I am not ready for it…..

2)Monsta X French Montana

Their song fill with steamy visual glancing scenes, “Who Do You Love” is a average KPop boy band song. It’s not convuluted, but it isn’t that unique either. Instead of overload on “cuteness” like what Super Junior Yesung’s “Pink Magic” did, this just went for a more darker sexier tone which is fine.

This song is a collaboration with relatively-unknown Moroccan rapper French Montana. He fit in to the whole music really nice. Monsta X collaboration with him I think went very well, it’s usually one “collaborator” dominating the other just because of the language differences. Like Black Pink X Dua Lipa, their english song “Kiss and Make Up”, Dua Lipa basically sung the whole thing with Black Pink sprinkle in there for the chorus part because understandable (I am looking at Dog Eating Noona can’t speak english for her life) But here, French Montana rap the long rap part and the rest of the song was Monsta X, which is the right balance I think. The song is not bad, I just think it just has been done before.

3)Stray Kidz

Also just release a new Korean comeback…. Literally, coming back to Korea after their American Tour (which I think ended) and are experiencing the SIDE EFFECTS that the international date line have on their bodies. I think it is call Jet Lag… Noticeably ANGRY with each other and objects in the video

I think they were looking for an “aggressive angry” feel, I like the beat drop but I didn’t like how they keep switching it around every now and then in the music video. Like stick with one line of music, the song itself seems like two different pieces of composition that has been stuff in one. If this was on purpose to give the “TROUBLE AGGRESSIVE JUST THROWING EVERYTHING INSIDE A BIG POT AND CALL IT MUSIC” kind of vibe, I guess it did work. It’s alright the first part of the song, but went downhill from there. Maybe they were mad that their NA tour wasn’t as big, but hey I think they might have done better than their labelmates Got7 whose ticket sales were suspended.

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