Taking after the West, Hong King Kongers Memes it up

Taking after the West, Hong King Kongers Memes it up

You know what I love about AMERICA? The fact that we LOVE LOVE, ABSOLUTELY LOVE to meme stuff up no matter how serious it is. Those SNOBBISH european countries, asian countries, african countries, south american countries love to say how America have no culture (let’s face it no one kool lives in Oceania). WE DO THOUGH AND IT’S MEMES AND GIFS AND I LOVE IT.

Ahem onto to our story, Hong Kong. Now last time we visit the situation, student activists and protestors rose once again after Chief Executive Lamb failed to say whether she will totally wipe the extradition bill out of existence. After that fiasco get this, police totally lied about the protest, saying that people who needed medical help couldn’t get to an ambulance because of those damn protestors (which of course puts protestors in a bad light).

Protestors bit back by saying there are footage of ambulances arriving to the police administration building with no problem because “…people always make way for the ambulance”. You know what I can tell that the person is telling the truth, when I hear sirens from police or ambulance behind me, I literally crash into the sidewalk to make way because that’s how much I care about people. Even if I am in the middle lane, FUC CARS ON THE RIGHT LANE I’M SAVING LIVES HERE. Also it’s not really new that government lies about protest, well of course everybody lies to paint their government in a good light. Even the US do it constantly and all the time here’s a link to go to if you want to see recent lies.

Other than that, Hong King Kongers are taking to the web to spread some memes about the whole situation. Now of course you have to be Hong King Kongers or at least speak an Asianatic language to understand most of the puns and curse words. Anyways, PROTESTORS GOT THESE FANCY SMANSY STICKERS……

That of course have moments and quotes from the police cursing at the protestors. Another one when Ms. Head Lamb (who’s surpise is Pro-Beijing) was like she felt like a mother needing to discipline the rowdy kids and not give in to their demands she walked herself straight into a popular curse phrase in Catonese. For you see MOST curse words in MOST asian languages usually curse out mothers. Yes, I know the US got that “Yo Mama” going for them, but those are usually taken as jokes not seriously. In Catonese/Most asian languages though the “Yo Mama” jokes = N-word/Fuc$/Bit$$/$hit/all that goodie. So this poster has been seen in recent protest…..

The Catonese phrase basically says “Suspend your Mother”…..

The Hong King Kongers EVEN GOT SOME LORD OF THE RINGS REFERENCE on their own little Reddit-esque website of LIHKG……

Jokes aside, the situation in Hong Kong looks not as dire as before. 32 ex-lawmakers from both side of the government (Pro-beijing/Pro-democracy) have called for the Extradition bill to be wiped out of existence (for the pro-beijingers FOR NOW WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA)

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