[Review] Will LANA (del Ray) experience some Summertime Sadness?

[Review] Will LANA (del Ray) experience some Summertime Sadness?


So ahem although not hearsay, this is basically what Korean netcitizens who are deep into KPop are saying right now. A new female solo artist just debuted from HICC Entertainment (which is relatively unknown agency) and her stage name is LANA. The problem with this newbie, is that she’s white. YES YOU HEARD IT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, don’t get the Koreans wrong they love themselves some white people espcially in KPop as this graphic will show you…..


Lana: But you are practically doing whiteface…
Lana: But CL said she loves Hip Hop and R&B and tells how she’s so in tune with black culture….
Lana: Hey didn’t Lee Jung Hyun stole Techno music from the black people of Detroit?
Koreans: Robin Hood stole too. What’s your point???
Lana: At least he stole from the rich, not the bankrupted

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Sorry city of Detroit, but here’s some $$$$…… TO BAIL YOURSELF OUT

Yes that’s right, self-proclaimed Koreaboo (a person who loves korean culture) just recently fulfill her dreams of becoming an idol by debuting her solo “Take the Wheel” on M Countdown.

Already she’s getting a lot of hate, even on youtube! That video that I just show you has 6.3 K dislikes to only 14K likes. The ratio between likes and dislikes is literally higher than a lot of music videos from Korean groups in recent memories. Even Somi terrible “Birthday” party has a higher likes:dislikes ratio. She’s not getting hate for being a foreigner oh no! KPop has many foreigners like from China, Taiwan (Tzuyu from TWICE), Japan (PLENTY OF FOLKS), Thailand (Lisa from Blackpink), USA (Do Young from NCT 127), and even CANADA (Wendy from Red Velvet, SOMI from IOI). Unfortunately, they were all asians or at least half asians. Lana has no trace of asianatic blood, she’s getting hate for basically for being white. To be honest I can barely tell the difference between her picture with the people above, I’m just saying.

Hey commentor #1, hey Mr. do you even listen to Kpop? VOCALS ARE A NECESSITY NOT A MUST, espcially in Generation 3! TWICE HAS AWFUL VOCALS (no offense, I am a TWICE fans but I’m gonna lay it straight), BLACKPINK SUCKS AT VOCALS (literally the only stable one is dog-eating noona Jisoo!). BTS? MEH! Red Velvet, Mamamoo, GFriend? Respectable. I mean yes I view the video, she doesn’t have the best vocals but come on it’s literally her first appearance. Also Cat Person, uh….. What’s WHITE MEDIOCRACY??? WHAT?? I mean you can reverse the argument on its head, there are a ton of asians who debuted who are supposedly only there in the group for “looks” (all visual members of ALL GROUPS get accuse of this by ahem HATERS) and there are others who work hard and has better dance moves and vocals and never debut. It’s really just luck, I don’t understand…. ALL RACES HAVE “Mediocracy”. Sure Lana isn’t THE BEST, but she WILL be struggling to make it in this industry just because she is debuting with a relatively UNKNOWN agency and really all this hate will probably make sure she never makes it anywhere. Clap clap clap now….

An open letter to Vietnamese people. What the FUC are you guys doing?? THERE’S NO VIET TRAINEES WHAT IS THIS!!!??? COME ON, EVEN A WHITE PERSON GOT HERE? I get KPop is Korean Culture, but hey WHY DON’T YOU GUYS PIGGY BACK OFF OF THEM. Aren’t you guys supposedly “the 4th most powerful country” in Asia??? EVEN PHILLIPINES ARE BETTER ECONOMICALLY NOW! THAILAND! FREAKING THAILAND HAS PEOPLE IN KPOP REMEBER THE DAYS YOU GUYS COULD TOTALLY CRUSH THAILAND. I’m sick and tired of EVERYTIME a white person be like, OH YES VIETNAM OH I LOVE PHO!!!! AND THEY PRONOUNCE IT WRONG, I WANT TO SLAP THEM WITH A POLE, CAUSE THEY ARE MY FOE, WHEN THEY SAY PHO. Or, oh yes VIETNAM WAR! JUNGLES!! Vietnam, where the number one export is Pho and Vietnam War.What happen to that female dancer on Stage K??? Huh….


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