[Review] EXO's Baekhyun goes for more soft vibes in his solo

[Review] EXO’s Baekhyun goes for more soft vibes in his solo

Man EXO seems to be kicked to the curb these days by SM Entertainment as they are 1) Preparing for the Military, or 2) Shove because of NCT 127. EXO members, a band that debuted very early in Gen 3, seem to be heading for solo careers these days as either, it seem like only ONE OF THEM is unique as King Suho seem to be wanting a diplomatic position instead. Anyways following DO and Lay release, Baekhyun follows it up with his “United Nations Village”

Suprisingly, SHOCKING. I expected it to be some powerful electric stuff with dances in black clothing flank by an audience of MEN. ONly the dancing in black was true as Baekhyun goes for a more soft tone than recently male artist releases (like TVXQ High Lord U Know, or even his band mate LAY pure hip hop). Apparently UN Village is a district/landmark/city/street in Seoul, South Korea and I guess there’s a really pretty hill (which he does sing about) that Baekhyun just want to take us for some HOT TIME except if you are Queen Taeyeon then no thank you. It’s classic R&B and even the music video seems very…. classy. Something coming out of 1980s. This solo certainly stands out because its not overly cute like Yesung’s “Pink Magic”, nor is it overpowering like TVXQ High Lord’s “Follow”. Heck this song is even softer than most of EXO releases like “Wolf” or “Growl”. I like it though, it has a throwback vibe all the way through. It seems like Baekhyun wants to take things slowly. It’s a dance song I think, but a slow dance one unlike most male artist release which is too bumpy and electricky to slow dance to.