Girl's Day Hyeri is the latest addition to the UNICEF Klub

Girl’s Day Hyeri is the latest addition to the UNICEF Klub

Wow now for some bit of good news, this time it’s Girl’s Day Hyeri becoming the latest to join the UNICEF Donation Club. This club is only reserve for people who have drop around 100 million won which roughly equates to one year of private university in the US. BTS’s Jin just join very recently after he donated a lot of money to help kids in Gangman (?) go to school. Hyeri sadly is NOWHERE AS POPULAR THAN JIN, she is SO UNPOPULAR EVEN ARTICLES MIS-SPELL HER NAME AND JUST LEAVE IT THERE LIKE A BOSS.

She has been known to participate in several UNICEF causes such as “Schools for Asia” which aims at creating schools in 3rd world asian countries. Post-GsD Hyeri has been involve in hosting and recently have just announce to open her OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL. This comes as a relative trend as many other idols have also have their own youtube channel. She only have two videos so far, yet she already has more subscribbers than her fellow bandmate Minah channel.

Find out more about Generation 2 group: Girl’s Day

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