[Review] Kang Daniel gives chill vibes in his debut

[Review] Kang Daniel gives chill vibes in his debut

Ah Kang Daniel, the former star of Wanna One finally showing up to the party after being out of the industry for well over a year because of the contract dispute. If none of you are familiar it, basically his entertainment agency sold Daniel rights to a third agency without his knowledge. The battle is still ongoing, but the prelimanary rounds had the court ruling in Kang Daniel favor allowing him to terminate his contract with the agency. He has now establish his own agency called KONNECT, and has recently debuted with “What are you up To?” on his “color on me” album. The title seems like a question to ravaging female fans or as I like to see it, to his old entertainment agency.

I like it! I never got onto the Wanna One train, I didn’t really get the hype. I thought their song was nice but nothing like special. I like this song though, it got a nice slow vibe and at least Kang Daniel is doing his own choreography. One thing that I dislike is the chorus part. You see the whole song sounded monotone and I thought when listening that it was building up to something. The chorus vocals continue the same trajectory as the rest of the song, which isn’t bad just wanted something more. I like the cymbals in throughout the song pairing with the “record disc WAKA WAKA” sound. It’s a neat twist!

I would say though this song gives me mad Khalid’s “Can we just talk”. I happen to also like that song. Man the two sound for me eerily the same, except that Daniel-hyung song sounds faster like Khalid on 2x speed.

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