[Review] Hey ITZY, izn't this a winter comeback?

[Review] Hey ITZY, izn’t this a winter comeback?

IT’Z ITZY! JYP newest girl group hot off the heels with their hit “Dalla Dalla” earlier this February that scored them an astounding 9 show wins. Although they are a new group, they easily are the top favorites for the next big girl group (beside maybe G-IDLE). People are already calling for the death of TWICE saying that JYP will push ITZY over TWICE (which I do not think so. TWICE is only 3 years old, big ass groups tend to go 7+ years until they finish) which mean they got big ass shoes to fill. I must say ITZY easily surpass other non-big five girl groups in terms of youtube views. Itzy’s “ICY” is already at 8.5 million, and only 16 hours in from the release. Compare to G-IDLE’s “Uh-oh” (only 11 million) and WSJN/Cosmic Girls’ “Boogie Up” (5.3 million) ITZY wins big. Heck even GFriend’s “FEVER” only has 11 million views, but then again GFriend tends to be Asia oriented with barely-no fan base power in the US. I expected a lot coming into this comeback, and a lot of my expectations went unsastified…..

First I just want to say, TOO MUCH STOMACH FOR ME. I really couldn’t watch all of this in one go, I had to literally listen without watching the music video for the first time. Considering that they are equal in age to me, I found the girl crush concept a little bit too early for ITZY. At least it isn’t mature girl crush so to say, the members has a playful streak that’s actually unique out of the girl crush concept found today (Blackpink and TWICE goes on the more mature side). Let’s actually start with the pros first here, there are things to like about this. First the colors, although there are many colors nowhere did I found it distracting. Maybe it was because the dances accompanied the colors, meaning I can always focus on Chaeryeong dance drop without being distracted by whatever is going on. The colors for me serve here to really showcase the group playful side without giving too much into the distraction. Secondly, I like the text boxes throughout the music video, it adds a comical sense to it that again builds into their playful-ish persona and a big throwback for me to Post Malone ft. Swae Lee’s “Sunflower” video. The one that had Miles Morales playing the music from his record player. Finally the committment to racial diversity (EXO SC did the same thing) in this video is real. Maybe it is acknowledging the diverse audience of KPop at least in this wave that sweeping the Western markets. Or it is cringey “me no racist” college postcards that I get from all too white colleges. On the music side of things, I like the part just before the chorus, the Lia and Yeji lines before the first chorus verse. Yeah that part, it sounds pretty nice, like it’s building up to something….

Then the rest of the song SUCKS. Musically, it sound like three different song slapped together with little or no cohesion between the verses. I found the first chrous part with Lia’s line matching up, and then you get into a different tone when Yuna takes out ice cream (??) and starts rapping/or well speaking her lines. Then a different bass line with Ryujin raps and then yet again a different tune with Chaeryeong dance drop and Yeji getting into a car (that part actually sounded good). I got to give that the dances were quite nice, not compelx so to say (except where Chaeryeong showcase her moves) but at least there was dancing. For all it’s worth “ICY” had a few good chorus parts that it could have easily expanded on, but then it cops out for the chorus which honestly was a bunch of “Blah blah blah”. The song doesn’t sound too hard vocally yet it lack cohesion. Some people might be into that, but I am really not. It is good to know though, that no matter how much I talk ITZY will keep on walking. It’s just that the road to the next big thing requires a few more comebacks and “ICY” proves it. But hey I might be wrong, and it might be a pan-Asian hit come next week and ITZY become super huge! For I honestly did not like Dalla Dalla either, but at least the whole chorus of that song was something I could get behind.

What do you guys think about the song? Do you think that ITZY is in a good position to be a top girl group anytime soon? Do you also think TWICE is going to get push to the backburner now?