Oh Look another SURPISE from YG!!

Oh Look another SURPISE from YG!!

I got to say, CEO Yang has gotten a lot of publicity in Korea recently. Now of course it is not good publicity, ranging from him basically human trafficking to being a dick over all. You know for the sake of discussion, “the myth, the legend, the BOY” ex-CEO Yang has not gotten himself into THAT much trouble, like to be honest the only crime (which is a heavy crime in western standards) was mediate prostitute during a dinner party. Ok that and tax evasion which to be honest, probably every rich person partake in it (our glorious president) and it is widely known so but nobody in the government seem to want to address it.

Now if you take the prosititution crime with a grain of Korean Culture where sex service are offer at the right price at your nearest hair salon, maybe it wasn’t so much of a crime after all. Now I want to stress that yes prostitution by law is illegal in Korea, but it’s a law a lot of people and quite possibly the society as a whole don’t give a two cent about. The prostitution law is sort of like jay-walkers in america. If you don’t get caught, totally fine nobody cares. If you do get caught, fine nobody cares either unless they are require too (like colleges asking for a criminal record or business asking if you have any criminal activities). Heck get this, 1 in 5 Korean men regurlarly go visit a prostitute. That’s right, over 20% of Korean men (pull up your bias Kpop boy group, count the members and pray it isn’t above 4!) and if you say “coolguy1234 you clearly making this shiz up” well here’s wikipedia, and another blog from people visiting Korea if you don’t believe me. Of course when view through the western lenses, of course prostitution is horrible and bad and the people who are partaking in it are monsters, but Yang Hyun-Suk ahjussi is a korean man and so we must use a korean culture lense to judge him. I have talk to many KPop lovers and they all think YG is a huge dick and the number #1 reference they go to is this mediating prostitutes, but I would argue that YG was kind of just following cultural norms and he is a real dick when mistreating his artists (like Park Bom or MixNine). Maybe this is why in the latest episode of YG, I can still call this ahjussi a dingus even though the supposed crime he committ is not really a crime at all…..

YG + Big Bad Seungri and gambling. Wow, can’t stay out of trouble can you my fair ahjussi? Now of course a lot of western KPop fans actually agree that gambling isn’t all that bad, but they don’t care as long as CEO Yang walk the plank of life imprisonment for being a dick. Sad that it is we should not be putting a person in prison if his only crime is being a dick or else many many people should be behind bars. Like uh, every midwest farmer if you are a liberal, or that neighbor who keeps letting his dog out to poop on your yard. Life imprisonment should only be for heinous crime, and sad to say I just haven’t seen CEO Yang committing a heinous crime… yet. Anyways backs to gmbling, apparently YG and Seungri have been both implicated in gambling overseas, particularly in VEGAS. Seungri was actually interview back in March when the first chatroom messages broke out to become the widespread Burning Sun scandal, he actually denied that he was ever gambling saying it was a BLUFF. Well my guy I wish you just had bluff in that message room and not down in Vegas. Apparently, Seungri busted around 1.5 million USD (approximately 2 billion won) on playing Baccarat. CEO Yang likewise busted 820,000 USD (approximately 1 billion won) throughout the night in the VIP room of the MGM Hotel Casino in VEGASSSS. This situation has blown up to a big scale involve the FBI looking into it and providing intel for Korea because they have absolutely nothing better to do that they won’t fail at like finding COLLUSION or protecting election from interferences. Nicely done! J. Edgar Hoover is not so gay with your performances right now and while I definitely don’t want COINTELPRO part 2, the FBI seem to be at least much more effective back in those days.

Now what’s the big deal about gambling anyways? Well in South Korea, laws related to gambling split people into two caterogies citizens and foreigners. The foreigners can gamble wherever and whenever they want in one of Korea’s 17 certify casinos. Citizens though, are strictly prohibited to gamble except at Kangwon Land Casino– a remote casino south of Seoul. Even then, gambling is heavily frowned upon in the society (now if you koreans can just also frown upon prostitution or cheating husbands that would be nice too). Heck, gambling is so frown upon that Koreans that are overseas or are traveling to other countries are NOT allow to gamble also even if you are playing at extremely low stakes. So if you are an average Korean citizens and gamble $1 USD at a casino in the US or other Asian countries, you can be subjected to a heavy fine. If you are caught on multiple occasions you might be label as a “habitual gambler” and the punishment triple in size up to 3 year-imprisonment. Gambling persucution though is usually open up only when there’s already substaintial allegations against an individual most police aren’t actively checking if everyone going in and out of the country has engage in gambling activities. So if you are persecuted as a gambler, good job you are probably a celebrity or a person in charge of an impressive amount of wealth (like CEO of a company) cause most of us ordinary folks turn very frugal with our money when we travel to other countries.

Since YG and Seungri both has substaintial allegations of them, the gambling persucution is now ON. Now for all their faults and dickiness you can’t really say they have committed a crime in this (unless you are a law loving citizen and never have jaywalk, pirated, or driving over the speed limit even by 1 mph in that case I say, Impressive but uh LIVE A LITTLE??). What maybe criminal in all this gambling activities that Seungri and CEO Yang have done is treating their artists shitty. The idol life doesn’t pay that much unless you are a mega/big group like BTS, TWICE, or Blackpink. And YET, there have been new evidence that CEO Yang might have gamble away not his own money, but his artists money. There is now an investigation going on linking YG artists overseas concert profits to YG gambling. Not like KPop is big here yet or anything (big in a sense of name knowing yes. Big in a sense of concert antendees and album/merch purchasing is still a niche) And there, just there, is where I can condemn YG in this action. It’s one thing to steal from the rich, stealing from idols who barely scraping by is certaintly, in the words of the GREAT COOLGUY1234, some fuck up shit.

What are your thoughts on the current affairs of YG entertainment and on this issue?

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