Ah APINK, basically the KPop equivalent to those stories about people who work until 80-90. A SHARD of Generation 2 of KPop waiting to be SNUFF OUT. Still some credit must be made to APINK, they are theorectically the only group that has NOT disbanded. All the other Gen 2 group has disbanded, officially or not officially. Before you old fans jump down my throats, yes I know most groups like SNSD, GsD, and like Big Bang haven’t “disbanded”, but they basically have in all but name. They theorectically exist but won’t be making music together again like.. ever except maybe on anniversaries. APINK though, manages to hold on even releasing songs as late as last year with “%%” and “I’m so sick”. APINK held on not without consequences, because they have clearly just thrown out their long skirts in favor of shorter one, white in favor of sparkles, and casual hip swinging in favor of breast thrusting. The transition is clearly seen from their popiular hits of “No No No” –> “I’m so sick”. The youngest member, Hayoung, aims to bring all of those thrown items back in her solo.

Beside the CLEAR PLAGIARISM OF THE ALBUM TITLED (sorry Hayoung you did not MLA cite SNSD), or the blatant falsehood of the song title (you need GsD’s Sojin if you don’t want to laugh) it’s actually classic APink. Both has that classic drum beat for pre-chorus parts, (it’s always the drums for them!) combine with some piano action and sped up beat for the chorus. The pre-chorus of most APink song is low and not powerful (cause they actually USE INSTRUMENTS AND NOT OVERKILL ON SYNTH + BASS), and so is Hayoung. The beginning of this song is just the drums, combine with some triangle sounds. What it lacks from “classic APINK” is when the chrous parts come they always “speed up” their beat and add a little of power to their voices, but Hayoung keeps it on the down low through the whole time like she’s lullalabying us to sleep.

The choreograph is fine, there’s the glorious butt touching (come on Hayoung noona whay) so I guess it isn’t as innocent as it seems. Although that’s better than girl groups choreograph these days which is clearly out to seduce the consumer by literally running their hands down their bodies or do the “chest thrush” (WITH HANDS) like Umpah Umpah in RV. It’s kind of basic but that’s fine, there’s nothing to really comment on it to be honest.

It’s a fine song actually, I like it! It’s good to see classic APINK returning (even if it’s one member) and not some other girl crush song because Hayoung can actually do that concept if she so wish (I think she’s consider the most “mature” figure on APINK?). The song doesn’t stand out or is even that catchy like other APINK songs (Don’t Make me Laugh is too many syllables compare to L-O-V or No No No) which makes me think that Hayoung might not get the attention over some other bad soloist songs like “Birthday” given that she wasn’t even that popular inside the group to start with (Naeun, Eunji, and Bomi dominated that) I just wish Hayoung put a little bit more power in the chorus part. Overall it’s a good song, I like it more than a lot of other solo-ist works, but that’s just me it seems.

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