[Review] Sunmi falls to the "La La La" Part

[Review] Sunmi falls to the “La La La” Part

Hey look, it’s the FAKE “LGTBQ QUEEN”, Sunmi noona what you said back in like May was EXTREMELY HOMOPHOBIC. Wait what, it was your fans? Wow, they really want you to be gay!

You know what, Wonder Girl’s Sunmi has some very nice solo releases that always have garner more international attention then intra-Korea fame. I think her fan base is gear towards more international audiences, what I do know though is that I actually enjoy a lot of her releases. From the drum dominate + synth “Siren”, to her two “drinking” songs of “Gashina” and “Heroine”. That always crack me up, the fact that in those two songs, she’s drinking some sort of smoothie before going to actually sing, it’s like the paper cup and straw companies paid her to do an in music video CFs. Hot off the heals of a World Tour, Sunmi is back at it again with “La La Lay” and unlike her other releases, this one I got to sit out on.

I just want to note the artistry that went into the music video, Sunmi always churn out good music videos. Also as a second note, her little two ribbon blonde-dyed hair makes her look like Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad. The part where she walks out of the nail salon, seems like she’s Miley Cyrus right after killing Hannah Montana. When the songs open on her with that bowl cut, I swear I asked myself if that was Lady Gaga doing KPop. That comes to the first point why this song is not my style, I’m so use of having Sunmi have some sort of Multi-personality disorder in her songs. In Gashina for example, you can say it’s both girl crush- when she’s trying out different outfits and sexy- when she’s doing the dance- wrap into one. The same can be said for “Heroine” and “Siren”, those two songs seems to balance girl crush and sexy (which I guess Wonder Girls were known for). It seem like here, it’s all sexy and sassy, there’s duo that I am so use to.

The second part, and probably the most important part of why I do not like this song, is the buzzkill of a chorus. The beat of the whole chorus part seem like an out of tune violin, with too high off a pitch that doesn’t seem like if fit with the context of the song. Throughout the pre chorus, the drums and bass beat are clearly there and it sounds really nice. Then out of the blue, Sunmi decided to almost eliminate that foreground beat totally, in favor for a more high pitch violin that really gives the off the vibe of someone high on acid dancing but not really conscious. That’s probably my reasons why I really don’t like the song, cause it seems like it wasn’t made by Sunmi. The dance is there, but the beat and the chorus is just…. kinda off from her usual hits.

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