[Review] X1 becomes the 5th FLASH

[Review] X1 becomes the 5th FLASH

Ah X1, the newly form boy group from the latest season of Produce X 101. Kinda of funny that even though technically the show is under investigation ( Here), yet Mnet is still pressing on with the group debut. By now, I have no idea what the investigation is for like before I thought there might be a chance to for like a “redo” of the final lineup of X1. Clearly I felt like that’s why craze fans even went as far as to scoure the preliminary evidence of vote fixing (at the end of the final episode many- that watch the show which isn’t that many- took twitter to point out how the votes between positions reveal a pattern) when the show was over which jump started this whole mess. Latest Update, “apparently” much to other people shock, Mnet might have fixed/scripted the whole Produce 101 show in other seasons too! I mean wasn’t that obvious? I knew something was up when Izone’s Sakura got an S grade even though she lowkey was pretty subpar compare to others. Anyways fast forward to “Flash”!

First some preliminary statistics, apparently within 24 hours of releasing the music video, it garnered around 12 million views. That is apparently like the third most views for a debut music video in the first 24 hours, losing to JYP’s Itzy and Big Hit’s TXT. That’s the power of Produce and survival shows to create a group, they allow early fandoms and artist biases to mature through watching the survival show. I got to say, the “Quantum Leap” is an interesting debut album name. I wonder if the audience was the one who came up with that album title (I think they get to vote on designs, create the debut song name and the group name)? Cause I know if it was up to the american audience, we would never come up which such a NERDY physics name.

Anyways before we begin, I just want to say that I for one rarely like a boy group song. This is because for boy groups they almost consistently release strong EDM beat type music (there are exceptions) that is really not soft to the ears. I’m not saying all EDM music are bad, but boy groups tend to overload on EDM to prove their machoness or something and give the song “power” but no chill. Girl groups on the other hand, although tend to release generic sounding music, release with soft beats most of the time and real instruments beat line (like Bass or Drums or Cymbals). You see, I prefer old Taylor Swift (almost all of her song was guitar, soft and melodious) to the new Taylor Swift (more “powerful” feminist indepence vibes. It sucks that groups or people who wants to potray a “strong” image of themselves always indulge in EDM beats (most girl groups that do release EDM are girl crush such as EVERGLOW). It’s like someone decided that you can’t be strong and independent all the same even though you release more chillax, soothing vibes or something.

Speaking of that though, I did find myself enjoying “Flash” even though it was clearly electric. Why? Cause it’s soothing. It’s electric but it’s soft…. Way softer compare to Monsta X’s X-Phenomenon or Seventeen’s “Hit”. The song starts of with a soft piano which then leads into the electric synth sounds. Instead of turning it up from a 0 all the way to 100, the song continue on a smooth ride. Then there’s a smooth transition into the second verse with around the same level of energy except the background beat switch to using the percussion which sounded quite nice and aid in speading the song along to the chorus. The dance moves through this part was nice too, I espcially like that part where Hyeongjun turns into the buddha or something with the many pair of hands behind him. The chorus then is a combination between the percussion and the synth from the first part, which contrary to a lot of people, didn’t sound that bad to me. I just wish there were more lyrics than “fly high high high-er” and then “flash”, the word which seems really misplace and seem to be there for the sole purpose of because it was the song title.

Overall it was not a bad song, I actually sort of enjoy it. Really promising for a rookie group (just like Rocket Punch but SADLY it isn’t only “good songs” that makes a group become popular) debut song. The chorus could use a couple more lyrics than just have the syntheziers and the percussion beat drop + “fly high high high-er”. Possibly the biggest downside of this song is low energy that may comes off as boring and “unhype-able” to some folks. Although the chorus did feature “high notes” or at least the boys were singing louder, the energy level kind of languish at a low.

Thoughts on the overall situation with Produce shows or X1 debut?
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