I just want to apologize to Y’ALL readers for being out for the past two weeks now for let’s just say taking 21 credits is not exactly a smart move. Anyways, I will be back writing tomorrow, you can be expecting some SPICY CONTENT. I am out tonight trick or treating because I SADDDD AND I NEED SOME SWEETNESS THAT ONLY CHOCOLATE CAN GIVE ME IN MY LIFE. My favorite candy are CRUNCH, follow by BUTTERFINGERS 😉 🙂 TEHHEEEEEE.

But it’s not only me that’s celebrating Halloween dress in a costume, apparently KPop does it too. I remember back when I was in Asia, there were no Halloweens. The only time you wore a mask was if you were a clown or at a ball or your life was a KDrama or of course the very rarely needing to stab someone.

Well I guess times have changed and idols has gone full out. Sadly going full ghost face was not good enough for them and here are the TOP TIER COSTUME THAT I FOUND…..

Wow, it seems like China’s GLORIOUS PRESIDENT COULD SING AS WELL!???!!!

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