BLINKS in uproar!

BLINKS in uproar!

A big yikes, as the Christmas season roll around, BLINKS are demanding that YG Entertainment bless them with the best present- A BLACKPINK COMEBACK AND WHERE ARE THOSE PROMISE SOLOS.

It seems like nobody had forgotten the quotes from “The BOY, the myth, the legend” Ex-CEO Yang Hyun Suk words way back before his slimy activities were discovered, way back at the begining of 2019 in February.

Regarding the question of when BLACKPINK will be releasing a new song, Yang Hyun Suk wrote, “We plan to have BLACKPINK release a new song in mid to late March. It will be an EP album with many new songs.” He continued to write, “As BLACKPINK does not have many songs compared to the amount of time they have been active, I am fully aware of and understand fans’ desires for the group to release new songs more often and for them to release a full-length studio album. I am always apologetic that I have not been able to fulfill your requests.”

Yang Hyun Suk also touched on plans for member Rosé and her talked-about solo release. He stated, “Rosé’s solo song will most likely be released after BLACKPINK’s EP album. We have finished selecting a song that best fits Rosé’s vocals, and both Lisa and Jisoo are also working hard to prepare for solo tracks. In 2019, my hope and goal is for BLACKPINK to have two comebacks and for the remaining three members to release solo tracks, in the order of Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo.”

Now that a whole year pass and all they got was one song, fans have decided to mobilize and hold YG Entertainment to their words. This time the BLINKS ain’t playing, they brought in the big guns…. As in a truck with an electronic billboard displaying angry signs outside YG Entertainment. I got to say, I’m impress that the fans had that type of money and uh… time….

You know what it’s really been a rough year for YG Entertainment so far with a multitude of their artist and trainees (CL and Kim Sae Ron comes to mind) leaving to join other companies and YG Entertainment being forced to pay big bucks to investors looking to jump out of this sinking ship. Like I get it that it was their fault for getting themselves in this mess, but hey it was more like one guy, ok TWO, that fucked up the whole company. Their position in the Big Three are under immediate threat from expansionist Big Hit Entertainment, YG Entertainment can’t seem to catch a break. The only bright spot it looks like is the fact that all their “money makers” are still with the entertainment company such as BLACKPINK, AKMU, and even Big Bang. No love for YG Entertainment this Christmas season it seems. No love from fandoms towards YG as clearly shown through these BLINKS action to “Kill This Love”.

With nothing to lose, YG Entertainment actually replied to fans instead of letting the protest blow past.

Of course many fans remain skeptical and want actions instead of empty words. My thoughts are I’m pretty sure YG Entertainment will give BlackPink a comeback soon. I mean, they got to turn the company around to even break even at this point. If YG Entertainment can, I bet they will try to revive Big Bang now that all the squad – Seungri is back and AKMU. Why not start the turn around with BlackPink?

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