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Black Pink apparently is that cool gum smacking kid in your school!

You know Black Pink, yeah the group of celebrity influencers who occasionally drop music? Ok to be honest I liked almost all of Black Pink songs, a fact that I can’t stand about myself. Since they are getting…. too much hate I will go easy on them cause they seems … Read More “Black Pink apparently is that cool gum smacking kid in your school!”


[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title

By golly, I haven’t seen TWICE in like waht 3 months?! Back it again already? Fantastic! More for me. You know not to be DIRTY OR ANYTHING, last comeback TWICE fancy me and then this comeback I or they made me “Feel Special”? That’s a bit….. SEXUAL!

Now of course … Read More “[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title”


Celebrating China 70th year anniversary!

What a time to be alive. The communist party of China has finally finally celebrated its 70th anniversary since taking over mainland China and equally impressive I have finally got around to covering it! While on the other side of the sea, Taiwan celebrate its 70th “I can’t believe China … Read More “Celebrating China 70th year anniversary!”


[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet

Remember when you were/is a little kid and you went through sophiscated Winnie The Pooh phase on multiple occassions?

Like you just learn a new word or just did something for the first time and then you go and flex on the whole family. “MOTHER LOOK WHAT I DID IN … Read More “[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet”


TS Fuckery, but somehow they still get people?

Recently, TS Entertainment has been facing a variety of issues. That is, termination issues. Rapper “Sleepy”, best known for getting only 4 hours of sleep, has recently told TS Entertainment to fuck off. Not only that, two members (Sumin and Nahyun) from TS Entertainment current girl group that nobody has … Read More “TS Fuckery, but somehow they still get people?”

[Review] Back From the DE(ad)-VILS

Ah YES I HAVE ARISEN! I utmost apologize for being absent these past few weeks, law+organic chemistry+biochemistry is seriously taxing. But I finally have found time, what GLORIOUSNESS TO BE BACK IN THE REALM OF THE LIVING.

And CLC is tryna send me RIGHT BACK.

Cube’s CLC is back with … Read More “[Review] Back From the DE(ad)-VILS”


Hong Kong needs some Taylor Swift song right about now

“You need to calm down” said Taylor Swift to Hong Kong. OH NO TAYLOR SWIFT SUPPORTS HONG KONG POLICE! JK JK JK. Anyways let’s get down to it again. We are revisiting the Hong Kong situation, this would be our what… 6th time or something??? The whole Hong Kong situation … Read More “Hong Kong needs some Taylor Swift song right about now”


And Then There was….. NONE

Well Well Well, if it isn’t another Gen 2 group, DEAD AT ITS OWN HANDS. Perhaps more significant than just a KPop group breaking, I mean f(x) was never THAT big of a group compare to others, is f(x) reflecting the messy political state that Asia has gotten itself into. … Read More “And Then There was….. NONE”


When you send Mueller to a divorce two celebrities Edition!

I know this whole shenanigan was a week ago but I didn’t get around to really covering but have you guys heard of the latest not so high profile divorce between Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun? Ooooooh boy, is there let’s just say a lot of tea. I … Read More “When you send Mueller to a divorce two celebrities Edition!”

Mnet’s “Queendom” is basically the Bachelorette Part 2

Oh my another Mnet “Reality TV Show” while they are under investigation for literally messing with the votes on their other survival shows? Wow that’s a really big “middle finger” to the RESPECTABLE Korean Police department right there. Anywho, Mnet’s “Queendom” is not that popular of a show (with abysmal … Read More “Mnet’s “Queendom” is basically the Bachelorette Part 2”