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CJ E&M Fails to Pay 25% Trump Tariff

Well well well, looks like EVERGLOW WON’T BE ATTENDING KCon LA at all after CJ E&M (big ass conglomerate) failed to secure a visa. Looks like Trump Tariff on Chinese Goods made a big impact on EVERGLOW and its one Chinese member. Taking EVERGLOW place though will be one of the most prominent contestant on the this website show “Who’s the next Big Group?” ITZY. They debuted this year in February to an astounding 9 show wins in their song “Dalla Dalla”. Speaking of ITZY, they are coming back with a title song call “ICE”, from the teaser photos it looks to be a GIRL CRUSH SONG AGAIN, wowza!

In other news if you are looking for tickets to KCon LA they are here. They go on sale tomorrow, and surprise the KCon LA will take place in August 17th. The schedule of performance is already release if you care to check it out here it is….

HINT HINT HINT, the Sunday one has bigger names performing (Mamamoo, Chungha) while the Saturday one is relatively nugu-ish (Izone).

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IOI is coming back!

This just in, of all the doubters from last we check in with the “IOI situation” it has been confirmed. Recently Chungha said “death to my solo career, OH YEAH IOI ALL THE WAY FOR THE WIN”. She has also confirmed that Yeounjung from Cosmic Girls cannot participate because she’s in space and Somi because everyday is her birthday and she is getting fat off too much cake.

Before I go into deep flaming Somi how she couldn’t make time for the IOI comeback, I just wanted to give acknowledgements to my critics and apologize for my shortcomings. You see I posted this comment on IOI KPop Profile pretty recently….

You know what you guys are right. Somi is busy I get it, she just debuted she hella busy. I guess not everybody can be like Chungha who just recently released “Snapping” and is also doing all these music shows performances and also is going to LA to perform at KCon. Or like I don’t know Kyulkyun who’s doing stuff in mainland China. Bottom line is EVERYBODY IS BUSY, maybe with the exception of Nayoung. That’s why disbandment LAST and reunions are rare! You know what some of these comments are really showing me the light, like Black Label (a YG Subsidary company) might not have allow her too. I mean there’s too much harm! Everybody is sike out for IOI comeback, like a lot of people who are into Kpop are talking about it. It will only get good press but YG can’t have that, they can only have the bad ones! Also Black Label surprisingly have allow Somi a lot of freedom, I mean she manages her own Twitter and Instagram AND penned some of the lyrics in her song which is UNHEARD OF for a “debutting solo” artist. Heck for the B-Side, Somi wrote the lyrics AND the music score, which is I got to say impressive. Check out big name of the era, BoA and IU see their debut song and comeback to me if they actually WROTE IT. Black Label already allow her so much freedom, I think it was Somi choice to attend or not attend. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling you don’t know that either.

Also your comment made me realize that I have to do a stalking Somi’s instagram and twitter. Which I DID, scrolling through NOT ONE POST about IOI stuff. Of course I don’t have access to her stories so I guess SHE MIGHT BE TALKING about IOI in her short instagram story that disappear after like a day. She posted four days ago, that means she’s pretty active. Not even in her description did she say “IOI Hwaiting”. Nothing on Twitter also, it was just posting about her song Birthday. I also in fact stalk Yeonjung instagram (I think that’s Yeonjung), it was just pictures of her but her last post was June 6th. Now I just want to make it clear that I am flaming Yeonjung for not coming to this comeback also but I feel like Somi has more of duty to be back with IOI. She was #1 in that producer season that created IOI, number 1. As number 1 she has a duty to be there if she can, and squeeze it in if she must. Of course she might be super busy, Somi might have tried to find space but failed. But come on even number 4 Chungha-who I bet 10x more busier (cause she’s a more establish soloist)-manages to squeeze in an album with IOI.

Ahem enough with that, you know what IOI disbanded 2 years ago. Let’s check ask the members how they feel about this upcoming reunion

Nayoung (Leader)- OMG I’m so excited to get off these unemployment benefits
Chaeyeon (Vocalist, Visual)- What can I say Jenny and me was a package deal. FUCK AIDS, LET’S DO THIS
Kyulkyung (Visual, Lead Dancer)- Wo tinge shou “IOI hui le”. Wo tai gao xing. Ming tian, wo qu mai piao! (Pardon my poor chinese)
So Hye (Vocalist, Rapper)-
Mina- Well I was free and decided to get back the feeling of standing before a crowd and making $$$
Doyeon- OH YES I ALSO AHEM CALLED IT WITH YOO JUNG BACK IN MAY. We a package deal yah know?
Mina- Hey….

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[Review] IOI’s Chungha comeback “SNAPPING” at the competition

1) Chungha’s Snapping

AHHH ISN’T IT EX-IOI member Chungha entering the summer KPop music making craze? First though I would like to give a shout out to Chungha-noona cause out of all IOI members, nobody expected her to actually have a solo career right after IOI (she even said she didn’t want to go solo). I mean she wasn’t even the two most popular member in IOI, that title goes to 100-year-old Somi (everyday is my BIRTHDAY!!!!) and Sejeong. Anyways her latest comeback is “Snapping”…..

It’s catchy, it’s bouncy and let me just say it’s quite SLAPPING. I LIKE IT, OTHERS LIKE IT, HECK EVEN THANOS LIKE IT! Unlike Somi’s Birthday, I love Chungha music video because it’s not distracting. It’s not electro (which is a plus too much electro these days). As I have stated with Somi, there was too many colors, too many concepts present in her videos, unlike Chungha. Sure she was flank by many many backup dancers, but it was always focus on her. She actually SHOWCASE her dance moves in this music video and although the moves might not have been impressive, her presence was dominant throughout. The music was quite catchy, although Snapping itself is already a catchy title, espcially the chorus part, the beat was jumpy and the lead up to it was pretty good. While the song may not have hard notes to put Chungha’s vocals to the test, if there’s ONE thing I have learn throughout my KPop listening career, vocals are more of a necessity than a need. IOI’s Chungha still have a long way to go to establish some prominence as a solo female artist to the likes of Wonder Girl’s Sunmi, or even the current ruler IU (which might not even be as big as “One Woman Army” BoA).

2) Purplebeck Debut

Wow, you know what I have miss MANY MANY new rookie group debut songs like Cherry Bullet, ITZY, BVNDIT, EVERGLOW, or 3EYE BUT I WON’T MISS THIS ONE. So the latest girl group to come out is Purplebeck from Majesty Entertainment, a agency so small it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia Page.

The lineup is pretty “old” for a group that is form in this year, I mean they are all older than me! Sadly, their concept is again girl crush, seriously KPop industry can you just bring sexy back already (although I hate that concept….) but their music video I guess is a hint of sexy? It’s an empowerment song, with the lyrics basically saying “I’ll do whatever I want no matter what people say”. I would sound more excited if ITZY literally didn’t just WRITE THE EXACT SAME FUC$$$$ thing with “Dalla Dalla”. I guess it’s not fair to expect Purplebeck to be unique out of the gate, I mean they are coming from a tiny agency it’s a smart move if their follow the trend of the KPop industry right now. The song itself is ok, kinda electric, but there’s not really any “catchy” line. The chorus part is fine but it is evident that the group still have a long ardous road ahead of them. As I peer into their crystal ball, I see that they might not be successful at all base on pure statistics at all. Then again, my readings are not always 100% correct.

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