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IOI, the latest victim of Police brutality against Mnet

“POLICE BRUTALITY!” cried one man
“What’s an IOI?” cried a Chungha Stan
“Why is 2% of the population talking” cried me

Just when this year couldn’t get any pumpkin spicier, Mnet has officially probably most likely cancelled IOI- The 9 Member Returns. Well actually they have … Read More “IOI, the latest victim of Police brutality against Mnet”


IOI is coming back!

This just in, of all the doubters from last we check in with the “IOI situation” it has been confirmed. Recently Chungha said “death to my solo career, OH YEAH IOI ALL THE WAY FOR THE WIN”. She has also confirmed that Yeounjung from Cosmic Girls cannot participate because she’s … Read More “IOI is coming back!”

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[Review] IOI’s Chungha comeback “SNAPPING” at the competition

1) Chungha’s Snapping

AHHH ISN’T IT EX-IOI member Chungha entering the summer KPop music making craze? First though I would like to give a shout out to Chungha-noona cause out of all IOI members, nobody expected her to actually have a solo career right after IOI (she even said she … Read More “[Review] IOI’s Chungha comeback “SNAPPING” at the competition”

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