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Yoshimoto Scandal heats up

While Korea is embroil in sexual misconduct scandals, Japan is having its own scandal. It’s not nearly as mess up as Korea’s though, apparently Japan is suffering from over controlling agencies and criminal association. In Japan, entertainment agency are often rougher than Korea and they try to extend their grasp even if the artists decide to quit the agency to go to a new one. For example like a big company like Johnny Associates (whose mess up CEO just died) would play “revenge” on those artists that leave them by colluding with other entertainment companies and TV Stations to totally wiped the artists face out of everything and never invite them back on the air! This happen with the popular boy group SMAP!, where former members found themselves restricted by Johnny even though they have left the company. Yoshimoto Entertainment, the biggest entertainment company in Japan, have been found also silencing their comedians and kicking off the air those who don’t listen to the company’s request. Apparently, a lot of companies love to hire themselves some Yoshimoto Entertainment comedians for their ads. The advertisement industry rolls in approximately 16 Billion USD every year, which not only make these companies huge, it makes Yoshimoto really big. This time around, it has been discovered that Yoshimoto Entertainment may have hanging around the wrong crowd. It seems like Yoshimoto Entertaiment is in cahoots with some criminal organizations.

With this apparent bombshell, Yoshimoto CEO have pledge to cut ties with these crimnal organizations and beef up internal securities. Not only that the CEO agree to take a 50% pay cut as a sign of redemption in his crime and promise to treat his comedians and artists better.


Heatwave in Japan kills 11 people

Sorry gang, I have been taking a little vacation to myself these past few days and wow have the news roll in.

Well apparently Japan just have its own Dayton. Instead of a shooter, Japan decided to be like any other normal countries that have unexpected high death count, by choosing natural disaster. VIVRE L’ESTATE-UNIS AM I RIGHT! Hey stay away from my hunting gun folks, instead of deer I like to hunt Primates of the Homo Sapiens variety.

President: Oh no! It’s terrible there’s 3 SHOOTINGS IN A ROW. What shall we do, cabinet members?

Cabinet Member #1: Well Mr. President I propose stricter
President: SILLY BUTT
Cabinet Member #1: ….gun laws. What?????
Cabinet Member #1: Sir, I have name
President: Alright alright alright. Mr. Priebus, please hand in your resignation letter
Cabinet Member #1: Sir, that’s not my name
President: uh…….. Ok Mr. Flyn YOU ARE FIRED! I got to say your service is a 3/5 stars, unlike me who is totally a. 5/5 stars
Cabinet Member #1: ….That’s not my name sir. You know what, I don’t even know my name anymore. You have fired so much folks, last time I walk onto the lawn some goddamn liberals call me Mr. Spicer and said that they were making Rabbit Stew. FUCK IT I’M OUT walks out
President: Wow. He had, MAD MAD ANGER ISSUES
Cabinet Member #2: Well sir, we can say that the El Paso shooter was not right in the head.
Cabinet Member #3: I heard from fake news CNN that the Dayton Shooter had a very liberal twitter. He was a Bernie Sanders
President: Nutty Professor
Cabinet Member #3: My bad he was Nutty Professor Supporter and um
President: Don’t you say the wrong thing….
Cabinet Member #3: Sacagawea? Wait shiz, the other indian…. Uh…. POCOHONTAS!
Cabinet Member #4: Yes sir but what about the Garlic Festival Shooting?
President: I will tell my awesome NEW PRESS SECRETARY TO SAY. The shooter was a VAMPIRE!
Cabinet Member #4: But sir that’s not factual
President: Cabinet Member #4. When have we ever cared about being Factual?
Cabinet Member #4: Oh yeah…..

Anyways ahem ahem back to the Japanese news, oh yes a heat wave kill 11 people. This is of course all part of the upward trend in temperatures due to climate change. Apparently July 2019 and June 2019 average temperatures was the hottest on the record. Already over 5K people in Japan have been sent to the hospital on heat related illness, most of them were old people. This thursday, most of Japan can see temperatures around 86-98.6 degrees. That’s Fahrenheit by the way cause I am not a metric system cuck. Oh well let’s be honest here climate change and gun issues are very extraordinarily similiarly handled at least in the US. I think I have got the process down by now…

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1) Crocodile Tears- Say stuff like “It is a sad day” or “I emphatize with those parents that lost a child, or child that lost a parent today”
2) Distract the main focus- “It’s a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE!!!”
3) WIN BIG MONEY!- Withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords


Kyoto Animation Studio struck by arson

Man this summer has been so hot these days, have any of you guys catch on fire yet? I know Jennifer Lawrence have, and apparently Kyoto Animation Studio now has too. Funny bit aside, in a country where there’s literally 0 gun violence (they have really strict background check and due to the culture in Japan. For most of its history Japan has been way too extra in wanting to conquer all of Asia and they damn nearly did too nowadays japanese citizens just want to chill man) mankind turns to its next greatest way to committ murder, arsonary. The suspect is a dude in his 40s claiming that he set fire to the place because the animation studio was plagiarizing his work without giving him credit (see people, this is what happen when you don’t cite your ESSAY IN MLA!) but police has to do a more thorough investigation until the motive can be confirmed. The man was seen pouring gasoline on the first floor of the studio before yelling “DIE” and setting the whole place on fire. The disturbing fact is, where was the receptionist in all of this? I mean it’s the first floor not some secret 666th floor and in companies you are greeted by receptionist (most of the time female) ON THE FIRST FLOOR. Imagine just being the receptionist

Random Female Japanese receptionist: “Hey do you smell that? It smell like gasoline”
Random Female Japanese receptionist #2: “Nonsense look that man spill his drink. As far as I know he can’t be possibly drinking gasoline”
Random Female Japanese receptionist: “He also yell die just now….”
Random Female Japanese receptionist #2: “It’s figurative language of course. I think what he means is his drink slaps, or his drink smack or his drink is good you know. “Killer drink” eh eh eh? What he’s gonna do set this place on fire?”
Random Female Japanese receptionist: “You right! Hey have you heard Fantastic Baby by Big Bang and Fire BTS?”
Random Female Japanese receptionist: “Man those MEN are so hot, it makes me want to burst into flames just thinking about them”

Of course it is unclear whether there was a receptionist in the area but this much is clear, this is one of the most massive killing in Japan in almost 20 years at a staggering 34 deaths. Or as in the US we would like to call it, just any other day #MarchForOurLives #doItForTheKids. The last mass killing was the Tokyo Sarin Gas Metro Attack which only claimed around 12 lives (damn what the fuck is wrong with US). There were around 74 employees in the building at the time, and most of them were females.

When police enter the building it looked like a scene from Mount Vesvious with the unfortunate resting around the exits and literally cremated because of the heat. Even the suspect suffer huge burn marks, which I would say he kind of deserve it. Even though the animation studio did keep up with governmental requirements for fire prevention, it was not enough to stop this catastrophy. The Kyoto Animation Studio was founded in 1981 and is known for its very flesh out animation works and anime projects such as old anime series like “K-On” (which probably none of you watched) and animation movies like “Free!”. It also serve as a school for future animators and remain to be seen what will happen next…..


Regan, Helen. “Kyoto Animation Arson Suspect Told Police His Work Had Been Plagiarized.” CNN, Cable News Network, 20 July 2019, www.cnn.com/2019/07/19/asia/kyoto-animation-fire-investigation-intl-hnk/index.html.


TWICE Mina out of tour over health concerns

Due to health concern, TWICE’s Mina will be out for the whole duration of TWICELIGHTS, the TWICE tour that finally kicks off Queen Jihyo claims to the new world. Yeah bish people who just know “BTS and Blackpink” FAKE ASS BLACK PINK ISN’T EVEN THE BIGGEST GIRL GROUP, TWICE IS. Ahem ahem, anyways Mina has cited “anxiety and sudden insecurity” that apparently is serious enough to require additional testing says JYP Entertainment in a statement.

Many fans are disappointed of course, myself included. It seems like I will just be going to New Jersey to see 8 people perform this weekend not TWICE….. Not only were the fans sad, but the whole of TWICE was sad when they kicked off the world tour in Singapore yesterday with many of the members crying and comforting each other minus Tzuyu. Many fans turned their light stick mint green in honor of Mina. If this happens in Newark this weekend, honestly I’ll be creep out seeing that it’s like somebody have died or something. Also I would feel left out cause me no have a mint green light stick.

Otherwise the concert seem to go without a hitch to a stadium of around 10K people. The group perfom some of their hits like “Yes or Yes” (oh gosh, who did the english…..) or “Cheer Up”. They also did some song covers, and some “sexy” song covers also. Thank you for the upfront notice guys, I’ll bring a blindfold and the bible with me when attending the concert!

Want to find out more about TWICE, check here. I PROMISE TO GET THIS DONE BEFORE THIS WEEKEND

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Johnny Kitagawa dies to many people tears???

The founder of “Johnny & Associates” has passed away and went to probably hell or heaven (I don’t know where Michael Jackson went) around six days ago. A lot of people are in grief for Johnny Kitagawa was a dominant figure in the JPop industry. He founded his company in 1962, and went on to create many successful boy acts, actually just dominanting the market for boy idol bands in Japan for like 40 years. “Johnny and Associates” still stand as Japan’s top talent agency. What a legend, what a man…

What a pedophile!

Apparently Johnny Kitagawa has been known to stick it to young boys. He was so powerful in fact, he was able to shut down this whole debacle back in the early 2000s. No newspaper would dare publish on the story and no TV station would dare cover it because if they did, apparently if you did then “……then all the popular stars will be withdrawn from your programs, your variety shows will not get any interviews with celebrities, and your ratings will plummet”. Such power in the hand of one man, DAMN IMAGINE ALL THE CRIMES HE COULD GET OFF. Man why stop at pedophile, heck go down to New York and shoot someone! Or maybe grab someone by the pussy!!

Apparently a lot of teenage boys that Johnny groom to stardom paid their ways using their bodies. Or as the Asian Entertainment industry and every entertainmnet industry calls it “the small hidden price that nobody talks about!”. That hasn’t stop Japanese from displaying their grief. TV Hosts break down crying, even the government acknowledge Mr. Johnny calling him sorts of like “President of Culture”. Many of his griefers were his big successful boy acts including Shonentai whose member Noriyuki said “He’s like a father to us. He was the #1 person in the entertainment world. We will inherit his spirit and act brightly and happily.” Somebody please get those kids away from Mr. Noriyuki so he can inherited the Johnny spirit. Dang, apparently Johnny must be a master of sex because KAT-TUN (another band under Johnny and Associates. You can see how this guy is like a big walking monopoly on boy bands) Jin Akanishi just wrote a love ballad to his beloved former boss.

Dude like what the fuck, this read EXACTLY like a sexual encounter. “Love at first sight”, “introduce myself as a lover”, “in the middle of the night such a feeling I couldn’t deny”. Now of course maybe they just engage in some “mind fuckery” or maybe it was something much more. What I do know is I don’t know if I can flag Johnny as a monster like most international fans who follow JPop, I mean if the kids consent who am I to say? “OOOOH BUT AGE OF CONSENT IS 18” well guys, OBVIOUSLY Jin Akanishi consented even NOW when he’s passed 18.

Sir Kitagawa serve as a loving reminder that there’s two ways to you can “get away with crimes”. One is the “push other down low way” which mean never get caught. The other is the “rise yourself up high way” meaning get very very famous. HAHAHAHA Ms. SHONDA RHIMES TAKE THAT FOR A CRASH COURSE OF YOUR WHOLE LESSON ON “HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER”. I DID IT, I TAUGHT WHAT YOU STILL HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO TAUGHT FOR LIKE 6 SEASONS NOW.


G20 summit in Osaka ends with barely any results except a cool picture!

Not much have been agree upon….

What an eventful talks the G20 summit in Osaka has been! Where absolutely nothing have been done! To those who don’t know about G20, it’s basically a meeting of powerful countries (ok fine countries who have the top 20 economies. Combine, they own like 80%-90% of the world’s GDP. It’s basically like the top 1% cocktail party). Now why would an entertainment website cover such a heavy deavy topic, well because China loves to censor its entertainment news so we will shift over and play politics for a bit here.

One of the main events of the talk was the meeting between Chinese and American President. The current trade war has been hurting both sides. The answers that came out of the mysterious talks was….. a pledge for MORE TALKS! Wow what a solution!

I GUESS??? Apparently, China and US has done this once before. Guess where it was? OH IT WAS AT THE PREVIOUS G20 SUMMIT IN ARGENTINA! China and US has pledge to cut a trade deal that both sides can agree too, and they actually drafted that “Gentlemen Agreement”. A little while later though, China decides to back out of one little terms in that deal. That is to protect intellectual property of foreign US companies. You see, US overhere as you all know has something call copyright that protect and individual’s “intellectual property”. Now of course that’s a good thing in hindsight. It encourages innovation because what’s yours IS EXCLUSIVELY YOURS. For a set amount of time. If you can think and build it, you can copyright it and sell it, and other companies cannot copy. Of course the down side of that is…

Pharmaceuticals can hike life saving drug prices that they discover/created first WAY WAY UP. As a socialist country, China doesn’t have such system in place. Or at least, not for foreign companies. This was one of the main reason for the US hiking tarriffs to 25% on Chinese imported goods this year. Now at the G20 the two nations have promise no more additional tarriffs while negotiations continue, but Beijing have stressed that they will not make a law that protects US intellectual property. Over 600+ big businesses (like Walmart, and Target) have sent president Trump an open letter not to raise any more tarriffs, they took the G20 results with a breather although many businesses remain skeptical. I mean they do have a reason to raise eyebrows, because last year in Argentina- where this exact agreement was made- tarriffs were much lower than they were today. Even global leaders remain skeptical, with some saying 45% chance that a deal will actually be made.

Cool Picture

Well one thing did look a bit promising. Before leaving Osaka Japan, President Trump took to twitter and tweeted to Supreme North Korean Leader that he would like to cross the DMZ and greet him. Finally our GLORIOUS president use twitter a little bit properly.

Now this crossing the DMZ zone was long planned, President Trump was dettered by “harsh storms” last time he tried to cross the DMZ. This time around president Trump met with South Korean President Moon at the blue house in which representatives from KPop a.k.a King Suho of EXO was present. Suho later said…..

““We met U.S. President Trump, but rather than the power of EXO, I think [we were invited] due to the power of K-pop. K-pop is loved all around the world, and I’m sure [Ivanka Trump] loves many [groups among K-pop], but I think she really liked EXO. I heard President Trump’s granddaughter is a fan of EXO as well, and we met Advisor Ivanka Trump at the PyeongChang Olympics, so I think that’s why we were able to have this opportunity.””

Oh please King Suho of EXO, the only group that Adviser Ivanka knows is BTS, let’s all be honest here. Also President Trump granddaughter liking EXO? Oh please that was probably diplomacy….

Advisor I: Oh yes, Mr. Suho…. My niece (or daughter) loves uh… singing Asian men
Suho: OH EXO?
Advisor I: (aside) I am pretty sure it started with a BTS because you know THEY JUST GOT BIG HERE WHAT THE FUC HAVE YOU DONE EXO IN AMERICA WHY WOULD MY DAUGHTER/OR MY NIECE KNOW ABOUT YOUR ASS? But anyways they all look alike they are all too white asian people.. (to King Suho of EXO) Oh yes EXO yes yes VERY GOOD GROUP!

President Trump then travel to the DMZ where he met up with Supreme Leader Kim and took about ten steps across the DMZ. President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim has agree to restart nuclear deal talks after the last disaster of the Hanoi Summit and reports that the envoys for North Korean in those talks was recently executed. . Hey at least one thing was reopened, although many politicians in the US said it was a sign of appeasement.

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G20 Summit about to kick off in Japan as trade war between China and US continues

Serious STUFF

Some serious news time, so the G20 summit is happening in just a few days from now. For you who don’t know what G20 Summit is, it’s basically encompasses all of the world economic superpowers (over 90% of exports and imports). That’s the whole EU (does that include British economy? NO let’s be honest all they export is snobbish, brexit talk and tea 😛 ) + US + China + those middle east oil countries + Japan + Russia + South Korea + Some South American countries which you can PROBABLY guess which ones. This time around the summit will be held in Osaka, Japan, with talks on World Trade, the state of earth and such. Basically a peace summit, I don’t think any other things happen in those summit except for pledges which is short for “Gentlemen Agreement” which is short for I-even-break-treaty-with-UK-so-fuc-gentlemen-agreement-China. WHAT THEY WON’T BE TALKING ABOUT during the state of the world talks is HONG KONG, as Beijing media has stressed that President Xi will not be engaging in such discourse. Instead he will be in talks how about how he will take over the world, I mean support multilaterism and his “Belt Road” initiative (which basically is the Marshall Plan back in post-WW2 but instead this time China wants to actually take over the countries economies they are setting up). This is of course a clear shot at US and President Trump “protectionism” stance (making people pay extra for foreign goods in an effort to sell more american made goods) and just the US overall after the two superpowers engage in a trade war a couple of weeks/months ago. Luckily there will be some talk about that, how tensions could be ease on both sides so trade can resume. I know this is an entertainment news website, but let’s take a hot second to totally go over the trade war. Since Mr. Kushner is in charge of solving the Middle East, I think I have enough credentials to talk about the trade war.

Now if you look around the stuff in your house, I guarantee you that most of the goods are made in China. People might be wondering “what on earth does US actually imports and sell” since I bet you can maybe find 2 or 3 things in your house (SEE 2 or 3 things) that’s actually made in US. Well US engage in what is call “high goods” trading. In laymen terms, electronics/digital stuff which does make a little sense I mean Apple Iphones are popular world wide (although their popularity is taking a hit in China because of high prices and Huawei phones gaining traction) and most countries use Google as the default/most popular search engine (although not China OR Russia). US basically relies on China for cheap commodities like plates and stuff, and gives China back techonologies espcially Computer chips (a market almost solely DOMINATED by the US with Intel, and AMD). Unfortunately due to the trade war, China has been exploring their own method of making chips and technologies and in some part they have been successful espcially in the “mobile” chips part. Huawei smart phones usually operate on Chinese made mobile chips, although other smartphone makers in China rely on US’s Qualcomn Inc. for the mobile smartphone chips. Still US has China beat in Mobile “Operating” Technologies for Huawei smartphone runs on you guess it ANDROID which is a GOOGLE thing. US do not have China beat on EVERY technological front though, for in the field of AI China might just beat out US due to their massive population of engineers, and data collection that invades privacy (which Western countries are not allow to do to their own citizens) that can be espcially useful in developping a realistic AI. It’s clear that the trade war kind of got to end, for the good of american farmers and technologies for a prolonged war might just give China the encouragement to develop their own technologies. As a French Prime Minister said back in the day (blinking on the name right now) during King Louis like 6th or 12th or 14th reign, declare that France can be a super power if THEY DON’T TRADE AND JUST PRODUCE EVERYTHING when Mercantilism (who ever controls the money controls the world policy) was a big hit! China might not have the necessary technology and maybe will never develop it effectively, but they don’t really need encouragement from the US to do it. (Source for this whole piece)

Entertainment Portion

SPEAKING OF CHINA, Super Adult (Ex-Super Junior) Hangeng just maybe got married to actress Celina Jade who is big in Hong Kong but Westerners might know her from the series “Arrow” as Oliver Queen trainer on that island and Slade’s Deathstroke unrequited lover. Then again AllKpop reported on the rumor marriage back in March but this time it seem like KOREABOO got the screenshot of the marriage certificate which they got from an undisclosed Chinese Agency. Either one of the months is lying to me (March or June) OR…..

Korean-Drama ESQUE:
Han Geng marries Celina Jade got engage back in March. But like Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, the two decide to yeet out at the last second. After Celina Jade release “Thank You Next”, Han Geng decides that he got too much tatoos to cover up and decides that he will go through with the marriage. Celina meanwhile releases “Seven Rings” and although “she wanted a husband SHE AINT GOT ONE” contrary to the song. Then Han Geng bumps into Celina in the street where he says “Wo ai ni” and the two get married AGAIN now.


Japan Idol System tries to find new Markets

Well well well, somebody been studying up on their business books! If you guys didn’t know, Korea and Japan has vastly different idol systems. In Korea, idols ARE the KPop bands, they dance and make music (what’s the difference between Korean Singers and Idols you ask? Well well well). Big groups members, or even individual members, then could go on to act in dramas or commercials. Idols in Japan is slightly different, they are usually there to um…. um….. model and appear on TV as actors/actresses. They don’t really sing or dance OR FORM SINGING GROUPS (except Izone) for that matter, they do everything from variety shows to showing up on commericals and photoshoots. Now Korean idols do the same thing too, but it’s not require like group idol members aren’t REQUIRED to participate in variety shows or even do commericals, they can just do group activities and that’s it. Of course if you want exposure for your group, as Girl’s Day learned, the best thing is to appear on variety shows. One more thing that’s different, idols in Korea go through trainee stage where they starve, dance, and sing for several years until “debuting” as a group member or as an actors/actresses. If debut as a member of a group, they go on to further starve and dance but now could get call OPPA (boy idols) or having older men drool over them (girl idols)! In Japan, idols are conglomerated into HUGE groups, the most popular ones are called the “48” groups. AKB48 (most famous because they were the first 48-group), HKT48 (has an Izone member), SKE48 etc. These groups have 48 people in it, who is further divided into subteams. Now of course, nobody knows ALL 48 (or else that’s a lot of people to remember. THAT and the fact that there is like eight 48-groups) people on the squad, they know like a few from each 48 groups. The idol members can “graduate” anytime and leave the group to pursue whatever they desire in life, Korean idols don’t really have a “graduating” thing since most bands/groups are often never disbanded (they just embark on indefinite hiatus). Still confuse? Check this site out.

Now 48-groups in Japan have been “dying” for sometime now. End of Heisei era (the era in which many of the 48 groups formed) didn’t help, and many of the 48-group members decide to graduate and seek their fortunes elsewhere. The only relevant one now is like AKB48, that’s one of the only one still left. Well true to the business books, when your market dies and you want your company to survive you……..

GO FIND A NEW MARKET. Ding dong! Correct! That’s exactly what AKB48 has done some expansion into INDIA and now is forming MUB48 (short for a british boy saying goodbye to his mother) and DEL48. I am not so sure if it will survive, I mean india has been known to do it’s own stuff in entertainment like Bollywood and they do not really have an “idol system”. I guess this is AKB48 shot in the dark because heck there’s basically no INDIAN idols in Korea OR JAPAN. Why you may ask? This is not a joke, those indian girls are probably too dark…. Like I understood when 48-groups try their luck in China with SNH48 cause there are Chinese people in Korea and Japanese system. Well maybe this will be like the time 48-groups tried their luck in Indonesia with JKT48, who knows it might end up well!