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Yoshimoto Scandal heats up

While Korea is embroil in sexual misconduct scandals, Japan is having its own scandal. It’s not nearly as mess up as Korea’s though, apparently Japan is suffering from over controlling agencies and criminal association. In Japan, entertainment agency are often rougher than Korea and they try to extend their grasp … Read More “Yoshimoto Scandal heats up”


Heatwave in Japan kills 11 people

Sorry gang, I have been taking a little vacation to myself these past few days and wow have the news roll in.

Well apparently Japan just have its own Dayton. Instead of a shooter, Japan decided to be like any other normal countries that have unexpected high death count, by … Read More “Heatwave in Japan kills 11 people”


Kyoto Animation Studio struck by arson

Man this summer has been so hot these days, have any of you guys catch on fire yet? I know Jennifer Lawrence have, and apparently Kyoto Animation Studio now has too. Funny bit aside, in a country where there’s literally 0 gun violence (they have really strict background check and Read More “Kyoto Animation Studio struck by arson”


TWICE Mina out of tour over health concerns

Due to health concern, TWICE’s Mina will be out for the whole duration of TWICELIGHTS, the TWICE tour that finally kicks off Queen Jihyo claims to the new world. Yeah bish people who just know “BTS and Blackpink” FAKE ASS BLACK PINK ISN’T EVEN THE BIGGEST GIRL GROUP, TWICE IS. … Read More “TWICE Mina out of tour over health concerns”

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Johnny Kitagawa dies to many people tears???

The founder of “Johnny & Associates” has passed away and went to probably hell or heaven (I don’t know where Michael Jackson went) around six days ago. A lot of people are in grief for Johnny Kitagawa was a dominant figure in the JPop industry. He founded his company in … Read More “Johnny Kitagawa dies to many people tears???”


G20 summit in Osaka ends with barely any results except a cool picture!

Not much have been agree upon….

What an eventful talks the G20 summit in Osaka has been! Where absolutely nothing have been done! To those who don’t know about G20, it’s basically a meeting of powerful countries (ok fine countries who have the top 20 economies. Combine, they own like … Read More “G20 summit in Osaka ends with barely any results except a cool picture!”

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G20 Summit about to kick off in Japan as trade war between China and US continues

Serious STUFF

Some serious news time, so the G20 summit is happening in just a few days from now. For you who don’t know what G20 Summit is, it’s basically encompasses all of the world economic superpowers (over 90% of exports and imports). That’s the whole EU (does that include … Read More “G20 Summit about to kick off in Japan as trade war between China and US continues”


Japan Idol System tries to find new Markets

Well well well, somebody been studying up on their business books! If you guys didn’t know, Korea and Japan has vastly different idol systems. In Korea, idols ARE the KPop bands, they dance and make music (what’s the difference between Korean Singers and Idols you ask? Well well well). … Read More “Japan Idol System tries to find new Markets”