BLACKPINK to play at Coachella TODAY at 8PM (PST) (and Friday next week)

BLACKPINK to play at Coachella TODAY at 8PM (PST) (and Friday next week)

Prepare yourself for an hour fill with covers. Seriously, they literally have like 9-10 unique songs including the most meme-mify one “Du Du Du” or “Forever Young”. I guess YG and Black Pink is trying to pull a BTS to be a popular KPop group here, and Coachella might just be the proper venue to do it. There’s hype for it, articles on NPR and other entertainment sites do list Blackpink as a must see performance cause it is historical. I am a bit skeptical cause recent Black Pink concerts have been flame, sometimes rightly so, by critics for playing remixes of their song, basically the same song with maybe slight change in beat. Imagine going to a Mike Posner concert just to here him sing “I Took a Bill in Ibiza” and then right after the SEEB Remix version and then he tries some Avicii songs that will leave you wondering, why if I wanted to listen to Avicii I would go to an Avicii concert instead except I guess this analogy falls apart because you CAN’T go to an Avicii concert cause he’s kind of dead…… I just hope Black Pink Coachella performance will not be bad cause they are paving the way for future girl groups to transistion to the states, and ahem American audience are usually not receptive to covers after covers and same songs after one and another. They will probably relatively low profile at Coachella even though their latest song “Kill this Love” which was BAD but the filmography was good, broke some Youtube records. I don’t like Blackpink, but I don’t want to see them flop either so let’s just hope they put up a good two performance during possibly the biggest music festival here in the US and one of the biggest in the world.

Kill This Love (new Song)

DUDUDU (most Popular Song)


BTS song with Halsey becomes #1 on Itunes Chart

I guess shout out for the ARMY for sticking by their favorite boy band BTS. Somehow I guess they made to the top of the itunes song with “Boy with Luv” (featuring Halsey) and album charts with Map of the Soul. I got to say, their American market might be actually bigger than back in Korea where TWICE holds the throne for KPop groups for now. I really like how they actually been collaborating with different pop artists here in the US, they should really try to collaborate with like black artists and drop some mixtapes, or at least BTS Rap Monsta should. Sadly, the ARMY front looks bleak on youtube, where the MV is only sitting at 45 million views after 12 hours of release. At least some of BTS songs are good, OMG Blackpink song Kill This Love was awful and somehow they lit up the views so hard, like 100+ million after a couple of hours.

Lee Jung Hyun is Married

For those people who don’t know who she apparently introduce the Techno Music genre to South Korea. HA, I got the receipts for you black people who says white people takes everything, we yellow people take it too πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ my apologies. Well now the “Techno Queen” is finally married after being the riped age of 39 and if I have to be an old asian elder, I thought she was lesbian all this time. Her star studded weddind attended by people from popular KPop groups like SNSD, 2NE1 and a bunch of popular Hallyu actresses. A big win for us normal people since her husband is a non-celebrity, ayo don’t let anyone tell you something is impossible! I should be a motivational speaker!

Korean Scandal Still Going Strong

I think by now everyone has heard about the scandal exploding in the South Korean entertainment industry about sexual misallegation, how group of top star buddies (like ROY KIM, Oppa Seungri, and Jung Joon Young and insert gangnam policemen here) were filming girls/women with hidden camera without their consent. You know they could have gotten away with it if they told the police that they were trying to start an entertainment, heck you can film all the underage you want! Apparently Oppa Seungri was in the wrong country, if it was over here in America, he can film whatever he wants. Heck for all I know BTS could have this thing going and nobody would call them out since those craze fan girls would gladly joined in. My heart goes out for those girls that are caught up in this big mess (If I even have a heart my ex broke it to tiny pieces πŸ˜‰ ). It’s really not fair that these friends make up fat excuses one after another, from “we were joking”, “nothing really happen” but they forgot the killer “it was locker room talk” like COME ON MAN that’s the ultimate getaway excuse! Learn from the people who did this and got away with it man, study up! Here I’ll give you the link to the person twitter

Click Here for to learn from the Best Getaway man

I want to blame Seungri but at the same time I don’t because like my dad is telling me the best thing that you could do is “live up to your name”. I don’t think anyone will be denying that Seungri went out of the KPop industry on a Big Bang.

Taiwan to restrict some Chinese Video Streaming services

Taiwan pulled a China and has recently try to prevent video streaming services like Tencent or iQiyi from further operating on the island country (?). The move came with some divisiveness for a lot of people are saying “ayo Freedom of Speech you can’t do this” to fight back, but real hardliners know what’s on the, Chinese propaganda! I mean to be fair, both sides have it’s fair point because freedom of speech obviously should be treasure, but man chinese propaganda are literally so convincing and so much fun. Watching it makes me want to live in China, I mean in the US we have fruity orange President Trump but over in China, we got HONEY LOVING Winnie the Pooh President Xi! I don’t know about you, I sure love bear hugs. I personally think it might be a smart decision, I mean just because we censor one thing doesn’t mean Freedom of Speech will now disappear. In America, yeah I have first amendment rights but they will put me in jail if I scream fire in a crowded theater, the courts will totally Shc-nek me!

Further Crackdown on Palace Drama

Remember the ban on the palace dramas a while back? The Art of Dramas remember, well it seem to be a tiger growing teeth over night! Chinese officials had recently push harder to remove every rerun of those despicable palace dramas from appearing on Television! Reruns of the widely popular dramas Story of Yanxi Palace or Ruyi Royal Love in the Palace has been replaced in their time slots with…uh… “spiritual guiding shows”. To make it all confusing, I have no idea what Palace Dramas are ban because here I was thinking Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre would be banned because it talks about the Yuan Dynasty but yet new episodes still appear online. Maybe because Yuan Dynasty is consider a FAKE dynasty or maybe only dramas that focus exclusively on palace life will be banned. Big oooof, guess I have to go to KDramas if I want to see classic backstabbing or ruthless power struggle in courts now (like the Crowned Clown recently or Haechi). Oh well it shouldn’t matter much, the courts in Korea and Japan model after China back in the day anyways πŸ˜‰ Not to mention all asians look…..

Beginning of a new Era? Note to readers

Well here’s the thing, I’ll lay it out straight for y’all. This website has been up for a like 3 months and it averages around 300 unique visitor per month (might be just robots and stuff). I got to say, I feel bad because I haven’t really done anything to this website in the past 2 months. Also I recently got into a fight with my partner in crime πŸ˜‰ so basically this website will now be manned by one man, me coolguy1234.

From now onwards, this website is going to CHANGE it’s vision and it’s model. I feel like if you have read some of my post, my voice is a grammar-error fill unique and fun one, well I hope it’s a fun one honestly! Given that the CDrama industry has really not taken off here, I will now institute a brand new vision!

I pledge to release at least a review or a post or some news every single day starting from now

It will no longer be JUST Chinese entertainment news because APPARENTLY they censor that stuff too! There’s news about like… NOTHING! So I will also expand the news section and hot takes (my two cents) on every thing so you probably will see KPop here, some stuff from Taiwan and such, Japan, I don’t know BOLLYWOOD (maybe we won’t go that much east) you know RUSSIA like Asian stuff.

Reviews I’ll try to get one in per week of a drama (Chinese Drama are 50 fuc**** episode long) or maybe more. But the thing with more is then the reviews will be like a read with few or no pictures (I’ll try to make the read interesting). If more visitors come you know positive comments then I will begin to post pictures and stuff, it’s just cropping pictures and putting it in the right place takes a lot of time (think 4+ hours per review just for adding pictures). It would be just exclusively chinese drama that’s being review, a lot of popular sites already exist to review korean dramas.

If you come accross this website and you like what you read or hate what you read, just please leave a short comment or share this site with a fellow friend that into news and entertainment goodies from Asia. Bookmark this site if you like it, come back every once and a while there will be updated content and stuff! If you hate it, I would thank you for stopping by and have a great rest of your day! TO ALL OF YOU!

Chinese Awards

The three most prestigious television awards in mainland China are the China TV Golden Eagle
Awards (commonly known as simply the Golden Eagle Awards), the China TV Drama
Flying Apsaras Awards (commonly know as the Flying Apsaras Awards, or simply the
Feitian Awards), and the Magnolia Awards.
Golden Eagle Awards: presented by the China Television Artists Association, it is one of the
three most prestigious television awards in China.
Feitian Awards: a state-sponsored award given out by China’s state Motion Picture and Arts
Committee, it is one of the highest-honored television awards in China.
Magnolia Awards: given out at the Shanghai Television Festival, one of the biggest, most
influential, and most prestigious film festival in Asia, the awards are given out to both national
and international productions by a panel of award-winning directors, writers, producers, and

Beijing Academy SHOCKING reveal is not really, shocking…

I know it’s kind of old news, but the latest scandal of Beijing Film Academy with actresses coming out to say they had to sleep with directors in exchange for big roles is far from surprising. I think something happen like this back in 2012 and throughout the years but you don’t really see it because of Chinese government hard at work supressing these news. It’s actually saddening, a quick preliminary search of “Beijing Film Academy scandal” reveals things that date back to 2016 and on June 13th 2017 there is an article on how people were using social media to fight back these sexual allegations. It really helps me put things in perspective of the two extreme in western and eastern society. In one “extreme” you have the recent string of sexual allegation here in America, you might remember from directors (Harvey Weinstein) to politicians (Al Fraken, Roy Moore, etc). Now I have a point of view that probably a lot of women will flame, I think #metoo is kind of out of control. I’m not saying these sexual allegations aren’t true, I am just saying the downfall is a little bit too fast without due process (but then again justice system is kind of ehhh). Or Ms. Speaker saying the label of women is more damming to climb society ladder than the label of “being black” which is uhhhh a bit of a wrong stretch. But then you have this other extreme in the east, complete suppression of all of these allegations. Regardless, these women deserve to be heard, but in china these things are suppress which I don’t think is right (thanks US business and others for helping!). But in a society where women is still view less valuable and less important than men, it is saddening that the women takes the hit for stuff that us guys do…

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(sadly this is one of the only english articles I could find. News suppression skill is extraordinary)


In the latest news, China decides to ban/censor future production of chinese drama that ACCURATELY portrays palace life (also censoring kids from TV advertisement for profit). The move might have come because of the recent popularity of the Chinese Drama “The Story of Yanxi Palace” in which the main female protagnonist is very PLOTTING AND SCHEMING on her way to the top and to get revenge. China says this is TOTALLY NOT TRUE OF ANY DYNASTY PALACE LIFE, and that these dramas hold no educational value because it doesn’t portray HARD WORK and frugality as the main ingredient to success and not schemes (uh huh…..). I lowkey bet if the story of Yanxi palace took place in the Yuan Dynasty, china would have no problem of those BARBARIANS scheming to get to the top and not getting to the top by hard work! It remains to be seen how hard this ban/censor will be enforce or how much it will impact the entertainment industry…