Love O2O

Are you……

A gamer GIRL? or BOY?
A lover of fluffy drama with barely any substance?
A person who likes to watch people breakout roles?
Hates F(x) Victoria?
Likes 30 episodes as oppose to like freaking 60+????

Well then my friend Love O2O, or should I say Love Online to Offline is a drama for you! This drama is considered Zheng Shuang, one of the more popular actresses in China right now, break out role. It’s also have Yang Yang, who is also considered a Chinese superstar. Again as I emphasize, this drama is a light snack. If you are looking for a heavier drama that explore heavier theme, this drama is not it. This drama can either serve as a light snack, or a light helping of drama food after you watch like a more heartbreaking deep drama. Well let’s jump right into it…..



Can I just say that the soundtrack of this drama is actually one of the best I have heard in a long time in terms of pop music?? Anyways where were we? Oh yes, Love O2O like its name is a drama that takes place in two worlds. The first world, is the reality world which is set at Qing University (I think a made up university) in Beijing. We have the protagonist Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) as a Sophomore in the Computer Science field. She has a best friend Zhao Er Xi (Mao Xiao Tong) who loves boys but can’t seem to get any. She’s the bubbly group mate that is cheery and always have Wei Wei back.

You got Ms. Popular Meng Yi Ran (Ma Chunrui) who really wants the male protagonist dick. She’s the stereotypical Ms. Popular, being the hottest in the school (Wei Wei is second though!) and tries to take out Wei Wei to get to Xiao Nai. Another important supporting character in this series is Cao Guang (Bai Yu) who’s a Foreign Language Major and runs the school newspaper. We also have Zhen Shao Xiang (Zhang He) who is a big figure at Zhen Yi technologies, a company trying to China Zhi Yi technology. What I mean is Zhen Yi is trying to steal Zhi Yi technologies secrets.

On the male lead side, you got Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) who is the perfect man. Yang Yang has the easier job to get the female protagonist in this one, because Zheng Shuang ain’t Song Qian (F(x)’s Victoria). Anyways picture your perfect man, that’s him…. He’s rich as fuck, what else oh yeah he’s a genius. Not only THAT, he drop buckets. Good in sports and academics and have the best perfume in the world money, who else can resist this manz? All the girls, literally all the girls like this man, even Wei Wei before meeting him admired him for his skill. He’s a graduating Senior who’s rarely seen at school because he’s off establishing his own gaming company Zhi Yi Technologies. He has friends of his own, his 3 amigoes: Yu Banshan (Niu Jun Feng), Qiu Yonghu (Cui Hang), Hao Mei (Zheng Yecheng) who basically help him in starting up their own company.

This reality world set at a University have the typical fluffy drama problems, which are no problems at are. There are “boys” problem as the girls in our drama care more about getting boys than getting good grades. There are typical girls on girls problem between Wei Wei and Yi Ran fighting for Xiao Nai. There’s really not much to say because it’s your typical “college drama” with not really anything unique…..

Anyways the second world that this series take place in is in virtual reality, the “online” part a.k.a in a role playing game world. Chinese Ghost Story is the RPG game of this whole series, which in itself is a REAL RPG GAME believe it or not that’s only available in China though. Almost everyone in this series play some sort of online game where love not only buds in life but also in the game (apparently marriages are allow in “Chinese Ghost Story” so you know who got married….). The RPG game world allow some sort of fantastical elements in this series that Chinese Drama are famous for, weird looking CGI characters….. I personally feel like this virtual reality world is more exciting than the “offline” world because at least there is some deep themes (like cyber bullying because Wei Wei is a top player but is a GIRL and we all know GIRLS CAN’T BE TOP PLAYERS!!).

I don’t know what else to say, do you think this synopsis right here is boring? Because the series itself is pretty boring, the ending is so predictable from the first episode on. There’s no “getting the girl arc” because like I said Wei Wei already admire Xiao Nai from the get-go, and it’s easy-ier to switch from admiration to love. The series seem to have so much potential (it could have develop friendship between different characters) but then it cucks out for sweetness and more sweetness instead until I feel like I might have diabetes after watching this whole series. I guess it does it’s job as a light hearted drama, so I encourage you to like this drama (or maybe you just like happy ending plus a lot of sweetness) you got to watch some heavier thing before hand, like a drama that you can feel yourself crying too much. Then come back watch this drama, and it would be so good as a rebound….. Follow me on this analogy..

Too much sweetness means diabetes (which is bad), and that’s what this series is if you don’t watch another deep series where you cry. Ok, you can eat SWEETS all you want, but you got to exercise like SHIZ (and we have want to cried at the end of an intense exercise before). Then again, some people really love overloading in sweetness and if you are that type of person this drama is pretty good because it really does its job well with all the cheese between the main couples.

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