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Step 2: Leave the TRUCK-> SM Ent. Sees -> SM kicks out Chen! Yes??!

I know this is kinda late, but I just gotta make a post about this. It concerns, EXO-L, otherwise known as the Joe Biden of the KPop industry (Ok ONLY SOME OF YOU). After their latest gaffe in forgetting their hype squad for the “removal” protest at SM, apparently … Read More “Step 2: Leave the TRUCK-> SM Ent. Sees -> SM kicks out Chen! Yes??!”

Seungri arrest warrant once again rejected

Ah, isn’t it the MASTERMIND himself behind all of this Burning Sun stuff that have far reaching consequences in the entertainment industry. A quick update, Big Hit apparently have overtook YG Entertainment in terms of profit, making them+JYP+SM the new “big three”. I personally don’t actually think Big Hit Entertainment … Read More “Seungri arrest warrant once again rejected”


Police to look into SBS little mishap

After what seems like already a few weeks past the intial SBS Gayo Daejun festival, the Seoul police have finally made its move on SBS in regards to the Wendy accident. The police are investigating if SBS was negligent in causing the accident, which answer key: They mos def were, … Read More “Police to look into SBS little mishap”


K-EXOLs declare that Chen didn’t “Love Them Right!”

ALRIGHT GANG…….. GUESSSS WHO’S BACKKKKKKKKK. My apologies, again for the delay (gosh 19 days, I think that’s a new record). In my defense, I was preparing for the new semester of classes. I was also volunteering, fixing houses for people that was impacted by Hurricane Harvey so I didn’t write … Read More “K-EXOLs declare that Chen didn’t “Love Them Right!””


Better as a…… TEAMMM and I’m BACCKKKKK!

Alright feathers, I’m totally sorry guys. Oh shizzles. My apologies. Oh my gosh I literally broke my New Year’s Resolution of trying to post more on the site already. Oh fuckkkkkkkk. Anyways, my apologies for failing to post around like 19 days straight, this is my bad. Really sorry guys…. … Read More “Better as a…… TEAMMM and I’m BACCKKKKK!”

Year in Review (2019-2020)

Wow a “Year In Review”! More like “Decade Check!”. There are somethings I would like to say though. HAPPY NEW YEAR! And another thing…… A BIG THANK YOU!

Seriously guys, thank you for making this site a booming site! To all those who visited us and read some articles, I … Read More “Year in Review (2019-2020)”

SBS just wanted to wish Wendy luck!

Before SBS Gayo Daejun 2019…..

SBS Genie: Hey Wendy
Wendy: What the??!!
SBS Genie: I over heard back there, you wanted more popularity
Wendy: Who are YOU???
SBS Genie: I am the SBS Genie… Read More “SBS just wanted to wish Wendy luck!”


Finally somebody do something about those contracts?!

Well, it’s good to see at least finally, the Korean government put a STOP to these unfair celebrities and trainees contract, well ok it’s more like a rolling stop from 100 MPH of pure highway robbery, we getting there.

Anywho to signal the new decade, MCST (Ministry of Culture, Read More “Finally somebody do something about those contracts?!”

Mnet to stop with survival shows and go to more music shows

Well well well, what started as disgruntled fans accusing Mnet’s Produce 101 of fixing votes has turn into something very real. Eight people have been charged with crimes including top PDs of the Produce 101 series like Ahn Joon Young and Kim Young Bum. All of the seasons have Read More “Mnet to stop with survival shows and go to more music shows”


CLC’s racism, not again……

CLC #1: Shiz guys, we are STILL NOT POPULAR!!
CLC #2: What did we do wrong?? I mean we make mean badass girl songs?? What does GIDLE HAVE THAT WE DON’T HAVE???
CLC #3: Remember when we were racist that one time
CLC #6: Oh yeah I remember we apologize … Read More “CLC’s racism, not again……”